Tuesday, August 21

"Carlo, do you still want to go on holiday in September?"
"Well, yes, I thought we'd decided on Greece?"
I sighed. "But I don't see the point in going to a place similar to here and sitting on the beach all day. Thats what we do at home!" The drawbacks of living in a beach resort is that beach holidays are not so exciting anymore.

"Well lets go somewhere else. Where would you like to go?" He sat back and looked at me expectantly.
"I know! Marrakesh! It's nowhere near a beach, perfect."
"Skye would be bored. So would I, far too much shopping...no."
"Well what would you like to do then?" I asked him, presuming he'd push for Greece. I was wrong.

"Oh, actually I'd like to spend five days canoeing southwards down the coast to see how far I get. I've already bought a beach tent to sleep in that I can take with me and when I'm finished you can borrow a car with a roof rack and drive down to pick me up!"
It sounded like he had it already figured out and I know that once he has an idea like this in his head he won't be happy until he has done it.

"Ok then, you do that then and I'll go to England in October when you're really busy at work. So are you still up for a big holiday this winter or do you want to canoe round the world?"
"Don't worry, we're definitely going away this winter...but where?"
"Well, Dan suggested South Africa, Dad suggested Sri Lanka and everyone in town says we should go to Thailand. I don't know, everyone here goes to Thailand, it'd be nice to see what they're all talking about, but it would be nice to do something different too, I can't decide.."

Any bright ideas?


  1. Try New Zealand. It's much different than Italy. It has the bonus that the people speak english there, but the culture can be quite polynesian in places. There are big freshwater lakes as well as the ocean to visit.

  2. Africa, on Safari....lions and tigers and bears, oh my!!!! Well Elephants then! No Bears!

  3. What about... Argentina?

    (you can tell where my mind is today...)

  4. Hi. I've been reading your blog for a while, just have never posted.

    I would definitely agree with Tina and say Argentina. That's home for me. (Not biased at all!)

  5. South Africa sounds enchanting!
    I would never go to Thailand. Why would you go somewhere wher eis full of people from your hometown???
    Brasil is another place on my list...which I'll NEVER accomplish of course.
    But this canoe adventure of Carlo sounds interesting for now.

  6. The States are cheap with the Euro so strong.

  7. I've recently gone to Costa Rica, totally different, and poppy would simply love it- there are all kinds of animals and adorable monkeys that eat bananas out of your hand. You can swing on the trees, go 4 wheeling- fun for everyone. ....and top the trip of with a day or two at Volcano Arenal soaking in the hot springs... and winter is perfect time to go- it's summer time there :)

  8. Vegas baby, Vegas...

  9. How about NYC? You have been here but not during Christmas, right? So much for Poppy to see.....the huge Christmas tree; all the elaborate lights; the Radio City Christmas Spectacular with the Rocketter......think about it!

  10. Well I'm going to Bejing (Great Wall, etc) though not via canoe, since that's the most interesting place my frequent flyer miles will take me. Yeah, apparently New Zealand is nice too, or so I've heard :-P

  11. I think Africa sounds like a good idea too but I also think the NYC trip sounds fabulous. If you were to go near Christmastime, it is truly amazing.

    If you still wanted to go to Greece, you should check out my friend chloe's blog (thefroth.com) She lives in Athens and there are photos on her blog that paint Greece in such a different light than you typically imagine.

    Another idea is the South of France. Just beautiful.

  12. Another idea...Canada...Vancouver! It's beautiful, mountains, skiing, see the whales, Stanley Park, the aquarium...bring warm clothes.
    It's beautiful.

  13. Oh yes, Vancouver is a lot of fun. Plus it's a three-hour train ride from me so maybe I'd get a chance to meet you. :-)

  14. Honestly, Phuket in January is heavenly!

  15. Actually, I'd second Australia as well. There is a lot to do there, and the weather is almost always nice. My sister (who also reads your blog) has worked in Australian tourism industry for close to 10 years. First as tour guide (she knows entire country like the back of her hand) and now as a travel agent. She'd be able to recommend stuff all three of you would enjoy. I can put you in touch if you'd like.


  16. Australia also has:
    * The oldest rainforest on earth
    * The great barrier reef
    * banana trees & kangaroos!

    Plus all the Outback and all the wildlife as Madelyne mentioned, and aussies pretty nice people too :-)

  17. Ok...i'm not ready for India yet. Oz and NZ...yes, I want to do that but I think I want something a bit more foreign. Canada is too cold for delicate Carlo. Africa has been a heavy contender for a while now, so maybe.
    The states...yeah yeah. I want to do something different, so no, not now.
    Argentina? I'll have to look into it.....Aaagh, its even more complicated now!

  18. Why do Brits (and now Italians) insist on calling kayaks canoes? They are not the same thing at all! The accompanying photo clearly shows a KAYAK, not a canoe. Do you not know the word Kayak?

  19. Hello,

    I stop by your blog often. I read a blog from Marrakesh. She is designing guest houses of her own. I think you would enjoy Morocco. Stop by her blog and send her mail. I am sure she would have ideas for all of you.




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