Wednesday, August 1

Marco can't fly

"Did you hear what happened to Marco?"
"You know Marco? Did you hear about the accident he had?"
"Marco had a really bad accident the other night. He's really bad in hospital."
"He was found covered in blood..."
"He is sooo lucky to be alive..."
"He landed on a goat!"

Slowly at first, building up faster like wild fire, the gossip spreads through town. Soon everyone knows, but the truth gets distorted, people exaggerate and the truth gets twisted into chinese whispers.

So I asked Marco himself.

A couple of weeks ago Marco, a 16 year old local boy was cycling home after a night out with friends. Something happened, he doesn't remember what, but his bike hit the wall of the coast road and he catapulted over the handlebars of the bike and over the wall. This wall here:

He fell thirty metres. 30. Landing in a goat pen, he passed out and when he woke up he was surrounded by goats. He didn't land on any of them. He stood up, found the steps back up to the road, climbed up and went home to bed.

His father came in to wake him the next morning, saw blood on the sheets, rolled him over, found huge bruising all over his torso and took him straight to hospital where they did all sorts of tests and x rays on him. Marco has a broken finger, hand, couple of ribs and a little bone in his lower back. He has cuts and scrapes on his back and face from falling through a few bushes, massive bruises on his back and waist but other than that he was OK. He was out of hospital a few days later, chest deep in the sea, holding his plastered arm over his head, so as not to wet it.

Marco hopes to be playing football again by next week. "If my ribs are OK, I'll just bubble wrap the plaster cast and go play."


  1. Well, that was SCARY. AS you know his mom was staying @ my mom's so we heard the news right away.
    Although I still can't believe it, it's just unbelievable.
    Anyway he's gone now, back home and to school already.

  2. lucky Marco!

    drinking and bicycle are not a good mix either

  3. WOW. My eyes widened so much looking at the photo, as it's so hard to believe that he survived that fall. That is a miracle!

  4. Wow, what a story. It definitely wasn't his time to go!

    Such a guy...wrapping the cast in bubble wrap to play football!

  5. Oh. My. Gosh. He could just as well have broken every bone in his body, cracked his head on a stone or whatever... That's a long way to fall down that cliff... what a lucky guy.

  6. Oh my gosh! Wow. And he was able to just walk home like that - it must have been shock.
    Poor guy - well, with a spirit like his, I think he'll be okay.

  7. That boy has got nine lives. What an amazing story.

  8. S**T!!! Someone was surely watching over him. What a massive drop

  9. Wow! You think he would've said something as soon as he got home!

  10. sounds like marco has nine lives, eight now...


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