Friday, August 10


When I actually make the effort to leave Positano it all comes back to me why I don’t attempt to leave too often. Getting to the car, parked on the other side of town, praying that it will actually start, scrubbing the dust off the windshields.

Then, getting out of town, past all the tourist buses at 9.30 am, plenty of time to get to the station, buy sandwiches, drinks and something to read. Squeezing through tiny gaps in the roads left by the huge tourist buses, backing up to make more room for the buses to pass, dodging over-confident kids on too fast vespas.
The mad, crazy driving, the honking of horns, shouting, waving of hands. Life-risking manoeuvres by motorists and bikers, the overtaking on blind corners, the driving as close as possible to the car in front in the hope that they will move and let you past. And the traffic.

The traffic that came to a standstill just outside of Sorrento and crept along at snails pace, all the way to Pompeii, making us seriously doubt the possibility of arriving at Naples train station before midday. But somehow we made it with 2 minutes to spare, egging the traffic on by jumping up and down in our seats and pushing our necks forwards, as if nudging the car onwards by sheer will-power might help.

It was a perfect rendition of the classic ‘family behind schedule’ as we ran frantically through the station, searching for the right platform. Crumpled clothes, bags flying, Skye being dragged along too fast for her little legs, clutching her pink bag and her toy sheep, yelling out, “bye Daddy!” As I found the right platform the train pulled in, luckily for us a little behind schedule too.

So a few hours later we arrived in Florence and drove out to the Chianti region. Rolling hills, grapevines, cool fresh air and not a buzzing motorino in sight. I have plenty of wine at my disposal, gardens for Skye to run around in and I've even managed to log onto a distant wireless network (sshhh!). It is much cooler here than down south. I wish I had brought some shoes (instead of just flip flops) and a jacket for the evenings, but maybe I'll do some shopping in Florence later today.


  1. Ohhhh, is that your view?! BREATHTAKING!
    Have a relaxing visit. :)

  2. I'm exhausted just reading all that crazy trip.
    You know, we park our car in June, cover it, plug off the battery and cover it. Until late September!
    But hey...the view is amazing and I bet the wine is JUST what you needed at this point.
    Have fun.

  3. not sure if you will be checking this while you are away, but we are finally here in Florence...been here about a month. I would love to meet up with you for a coffee or something while you are here...if you have time of course! Hope you are having a wonderful trip!

  4. ooooooooooh Toscana.

    oooooooooooh Firenze.

    Ah. Thanks for that.

  5. Beautiful picture!!! Reading about your trip to Napoli makes me tired, but looking at that view must make it worthwhile!

    I have a great visual of Poppy running with her toy sheep!


  7. You know, taking the ferry and not the car to Naples might have been a good idea ;) Please do meet up with Em and tell us what she's really like, and if you can find the time let me suggest that you say hi to Cristina in Siena because she really hates it when people are nearby without dropping her a line. I think you'd like her, and Poppy would love her daughters!

    Enjoy bella Toscana!

  8. I have never commented here before, although I am a regular visitor from Texas, USA with a fondness for all things Italian...even though, strangely, I have never been! I have been away for a week, though, and came back today to your last few days of posting and just wanted to introduce myself...(Hi! I'm Amy!) and let you know that you are not alone in the hassles of traveling, although much different hurdles here...getting somewhere, anywhere, is always challenging! Seems, though, from the "scenery", the wine, the food, and and the friends you are enjoying it was all worth it in the end! Hope you continue to have a great time!


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