Saturday, September 1

Around the showers on the beaches grow a variety of plants that soak up the shower water and flourish. Here you can see the banana trees. There are also small hot chilli peppers near the ground, and look on the roof!
Pumpkins!Well, every beach cafe should have pumpkins growing on the roof shouldn't it?
And standing directly under the pumpkin, this is the view looking the other way. Skye is washing sand off in the shower. The banana trees are quite big at this time of year and you often end up wrestling with the branches for space in the shower.
The view of the over crowded main beach on the pathway to the pier:
After our day on the beach we sat on the pier and drank a beer. Salvatore the fisherman came over and gave us some of his latest catch, fresh anchovies for dinner. We sat there on the wall and cleaned the little fishes with our hands, then took them home, rolled them in flour, fried them and drenched them in lemon juice. They were so tender that we could eat them whole, bones and tails included.


  1. wow. I have never really thought of eating an anchovie unless it was on a pizza napoli, or put in some kind of sauce, but they sound amazing! I made Adam come over and read that last bit, and we are both drooling. I'm pretty hungry too, so that helps! haha

  2. Hopefully that pumpkin doesn't fall through the roof onto someone standing beneath.

  3. As you know l spent most of my summer there at that beach bar and l miss it and all the craziness that surrounds it:0)

  4. Ps. Please send a hello to Salvatore and Gloria. He is a master fisherman! Nothing like fresh fish.. Sounds lovely. As for those pumpkins there huge.


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