Friday, September 28

school run

“Dan!” Squealed SKye, as she saw my brother walk in through the front door, panting from all the steps. She flung herself at him and he picked her up for a hug.
Chris, Dan’s friend walked in behind Dan, carrying both their suitcases and gratefully dropped them to the floor, exhausted.

Twenty minutes later it was like Christmas in September. They both rummaged through their cases handing out chocolate, magazines, pink sparkly tee-shirts and Dr Seuss books. Skye yelped with happiness when she saw the books and weaved around everybodys legs begging us to read them to her.

The next day it rained, heavy non-stop rain that made it impossible to leave the apartment without taking off your shoes and rolling your trousers up to knee level. So we lounged on the sofa, watching films, talking about whether we should just go out and get soaked, or maybe dash down to the bar and buy lots of cakes. But it rained harder so we didn’t move.

Instead we started planning my familys winter holiday, using Dan’s travel experience and ticket discounts. Finally the rain stopped and Dan and Chris took the chance to go out for dinner. They left me researching flights, countries and places to visit on the internet. I was still at it when they arrived home, and when they woke up the next morning too. The holiday planning bug has me caught firmly in its grip.

The time passed so fast planning flight schedules and travel routes that at one point Chris said to me “at this rate you’ll be here all week long.”
Without taking my eyes off the screen I replied, “yeah, I’ll probably even forget to pick Skye up from school!”
As an afterthought I glanced at my watch. It was 12.20pm, and school finished at 12. “Oh crap!” I yelled, hopping around to pull my shoes on. Chris watched open mouthed as I pratically flew out the door.

As I ran uphill towards the school my phone rang. It was Carlo, “It’s OK, I’ll get her. Stop running and calm down,” he told me. That’s what is strange about Positano. You can be at home, minding your own business and there is always somebody on the other side of the town that knows exactly what is going on. No secrets to be kept here. I had only just realised myself that I had forgotten to pick up Skye from school but Carlo already knew.
“How do you know?” I asked him as I slowed down and hovered on the side of the road.
“The bus driver called me. I’m going to pick her up now from the bus stop. I’ll call you when I’ve got her.”

Skye was soon returned to me and told me all about her fun bus journey. “Mummy? Why can’t I go on the bus every day?”
“Because we live near the school. You can only go on the bus when Mummy forgets to pick you up OK?” I patted her on the head and got my phone out of my bag setting the alarm to ring at 11.50am every weekday. Just in case.


  1. oh, have a wonderful time with your brother! I finally got to catch up on your posts from the last 6 weeks or so (b/c we finally got DSL yesterday!) As always, I'm enjoying the photos and stories. So sad to hear about that explosion...

    Well now that we're in Italy, we hope to make it back to Positano sometime...we'll have to get together!

  2. And that is why I haven't seen you around. Dan is here AND you're planning your trip.

  3. Hello! I just love reading your posts; even more so after having spent a day in Positano this summer. It is a magical place. No wonder my husband misses home so much (he is from Naples). Thanks for sharing so much with your readers. BTW have you heard from Tracie B? I read her blog regularly, too, but it hasn't been updated since June. Hope she's okay.

  4. So nice to have a great brother!! Have a good time visiting with each other. And by the by, Carlo is a great Daddy!

  5. That's wonderful your brother and his partner came to visit you! Any ideas where you will be going?


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