Sunday, September 30


Don't you just hate it when....
Everyone else in the house is asleep, you're about to go to bed, and a huge half dead lizard, dragging hairy dust entwined in its claws, creeps out of a dark corner and heads towards your bed?

Carlo is comatose in bed...Skye is only four, so I can't wake her....and Boomerang the cat is out partying with the other local cats. I can't bring myself to pick it up because it will WIGGLE IN MY HAND.
And I don't think I will like that.

I have done the only thing I am able to do, which is cruel. I have placed a tuppaware box over it, so that it does not climb into bed with me, because I don't think I would like that either.

But now I feel guilty. And if I wake up in the middle of the night needng to go to the loo I will probably forget that the lizard is there and trip up over it, possibly causing it to escape and climb into bed with me anyway.

I never had this problem in England.

Um, just for future help and reference...what would you do?


  1. I would get a bucket and put it in front of it to crawl into...I guess first I would have to throw a towel over it and scoop it into the bucket first.

  2. Lizards don't bother me, but if it were...say...a spider or bug...I would probably scream, thereby waking up everyone in the house. I would then proceed to cry and make my husband get rid of it!

  3. Get a piece of paper. Slide it under the tupperware so the lizard is trapped between the tupperware and the paper. Pick up the whole thing, and take it far away from your bed. Then let the lizard go.
    Good luck.

  4. I don't blame you for not wanting to touch it, but I think sliding a paper under the tupperware and then turning the whole thing over so you have a lizard in a tupperware container and then letting it loose outside is what I would do.

  5. Love it, because it is eating things you REALLY don't want in your bed. Touch it, it will be a nice surprise-- really, I like them a lot now that I've touched them. (I rescue them from the cats.)

  6. This year I had a lizard watching me from my garlic basket at my kitchen in Positano. Just get a broom a block its way until it runs outside on its own.

  7. I would train it!! "Here boy.."

  8. I know this sounds awful, but in Singapore I used to brush the geckos away with a broom. Right out the door if possible.

  9. I'd wake Carlo... It's a boys job to get rid of half dead lizards!


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