Wednesday, October 31

scaredy cat

A couple of nights ago I watched a documentary on aliens and UFOs. We were going to watch a film, but the programme looked interesting so we settled down to watch. Within five minutes Carlo was fast asleep on the sofa and I watched, alone, as a clip of a home video was shown...

A guy walked down a well lit alleyway. It was evening. As he passed by a lamp post a long long arm reached out from behind the lamp post and touched him on the shoulder. The man turned his head and jumped in shock as a tall skinny alien stepped out from behind the post. The man turned and ran screaming, back to his friend with the video camera. The guy with the camera zoomed into the lamp post....nothing.....and then, slowly and cautiously the aliens head peeked around the post and hid again. The men screamed.

I took a gulp of wine and thought, "ooh, that was a bit freaky. I hope I don't get scared later!"

That night I awoke to go to the bathroom. As I wandered sleepily past the kitchen I imagined a cold thin arm slowly reaching out to touch me. I shivered and ran to the bathroom, shutting my eyes while in there, so as not to see any aliens that might dash past the door. I ran back to the bedroom, landing with an unelegant thump on the bed which woke Carlo.
"Wassamatter?" He asked, turning towards me.
"I got scared," I replied.
"Don't worry, I'll protect you," he wrapped his arms around me and fell back to sleep.

I lay there, safe in his arms, hidden under the duvet, and must have fallen asleep. I dreamed that the alien from the documentary was standing over my bed, by my bedside table. It watched me for a while and them slowly stretched out its long arm towards me. Its long translucent fingers closed over my throat and tightened...

I awoke, gasping for breath, panting and sweating with fear. I was too scared to open my eyes, in case the alien really was there, waiting at the side of the bed. Every little noise sent a shockwave of fear through me and I buried deeper under the duvet. I lay awake for the rest of the night, trying to reason with myself, but only relaxed when I heard the birds starting to sing and the rubbish truck arrive. As daylight arrived I finally felt safe and drifted asleep for a couple of hours. In the morning I took Skye to school and then returned home, forcing myself to stay there alone, banish the heebie jeebies and forget about that long long arm slowly reaching out...

Is it just me, or does anyone else ever get completely freaked out by something that you've seen on TV?


  1. Yea!! I watched a documentary on earthquakes! They really freak me out, but what's worse, is that mine came true :(

    I've felt TWO earthquakes this month... while I was alone at night.

    This evening we had a 5.6 earthquake and I kept thinking "it's the big one!" Ofcourse, it wasn't. I'm done with scary documentaries...

  2. Absolutely! But it is almost always politicians. Please send Carlo.

  3. Lucy from Pickering and TorontoOctober 31, 2007 at 2:15 PM

    Always! I listen to a radio program called Coast to Coast at night and they have callers call in about their actual run ins with Aliens, or ghosts depending on what they talk about. I live close to the train tracks, so when they talked about Ghost Trains, I had a horrible nights sleep imaging the every train that went by had ghosts. Of course my protector was snoring and in his own dream world! Happy Halloween!

  4. After having gone to see that Linda Blair movie the Excorsits, Being a properly brought up catholic girl went to bed with my holy communion rosary wrapped, around my hand and one foot planted firmly on the floor off the bed. Just in case. I figured the rosary had a lot of pure goodness around it as I was an innocent at that time in my life, would offer some protection against EVIL......

  5. Yes!! I'll get so freaked out that I'll have nightmares and then be too scared to get up to go to the bathroom! And yet I love to be scared and continue to watch scary things....go figure.

  6. I don't watch scary movies for this same reason! My mind plays wicked tricks on me.

  7. I do, some of the British dramas really get me. One in particular is a powerful memory sometimes, when I'm making that final dash between the light and the bed.

  8. haha Judith left a funny comment haha
    But, yes, of course! I'm a scaredy cat when the sun goes down and darkness falls. I have to be careful what I watch on TV.
    Great post for Halloween though!

  9. That's why you should throw out your TV.

  10. I think it's just part of human nature. We feel safer in daylight as we are more aware of our surroundings. In the dark who knows what creepy alien, monster or bogey man is lurking around the corner?

    Personally, my girlfriend and I love horror films but they scare the living daylights out of me more than they do her... I must be a sucker for punishment.

  11. YES YES YES!!! What you described is ME and everyone makes fun of me. I can freak myself out at the slightest thing. I watched a film where a woman woke up to find her husband had been replaced in bed by a dead body and I am FOREVER convincing myself that that has happened and lie there in bed to scared to look over at him.

    I'm nearly 40! I should be more sensible than this, but I just can't my stop my imagination. *rolls eyes*

  12. that is why imaginitive minds should NOT watch those things!

    I am exactly the same way!

  13. Lol, I totally do that too, and I am afraid of the dark as well!


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