Thursday, October 25

telephones in heaven

A few days ago on the way to school:
“Mummy? Is Nanna still up in the sky with the angels and Smokey?” (Smokey being the family cat that lived until the age of 21)
“Yes, they’re still up there.” Down below, the beach was empty and the flat sea blended into the sky with no horizon to be seen.
She looked up at the sky thoughtfully and then asked, “has Nanna got a telephone there? Can I call her?”
I smiled, imagining a bright red telephone, sitting on a cloud, with a twirly cord stretching down to earth. “No, she hasn’t got a phone up there, but you can still talk to her.”
“Oh, OK. Have I got swimming lessons today?”
“Yes, I’ll take you after school.”

The next day we went for a walk on the beach. Skye saw my friend Chiara, sitting in the distance with her dogs nearby and ran over to play.
She ran around chasing the dogs and rolled on the sand with them for a while and then flopped down next to Chiara.
“Chiara? You know my Nanna that is up in the sky with Smokey the cat?”
“Yes, I know. “
“Well, she doesn’t have a telephone, so how do I talk to her?”
“Oh, um, well, I think that she can just hear you if you talk to her because she is watching you.”
“Really? But, it’s quite a long way, do I have to shout?”
“No!” Chiara smiled, “just talk to her when you want to and she’ll hear you.”
“Oh, OK, I’m going to go and ask Mummy for an ice-cream now, bye!”


  1. It is just like a child to ask the simple question , its great that both you and Charia gave the same answer to Poppy.

  2. You are a wise woman.


  3. She is at such a beautiful and loving stage of her life. You and Carlo must be really proud of your little girl.

  4. This and your previous post are really moving. My girls only have one grandparent left, my mum, they are 6 and 8 and they regulary 'talk' to the grandparents who live in the clouds, even pointing out the most comfortable looking clouds and guessing who lives there. Sometimes we send fireworks up to them on their birthdays and at christmas. This wonderfully uncomplicated idea of an after life has really helped all of us. Best wishes to you and your family.

  5. That's adorable! And what great perspective Poppy has. Hey, I want an icecream, too.


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