Sunday, November 25

Back home and we are trying to get used to the fact that we haven’t got a cat anymore. I must stop throwing tidbits of food for her onto the kitchen windowsill where she used to sit while I cooked. There is no longer any need to check whether she is in or out when I close the front door, and now I am unaccompanied walking down the steps to pick up Skye from school.

But life goes on and things change. New neighbours have arrived in the apartment underneath ours. Two good looking Italian male specimens have moved in, complete with leopard print bedcovers, playstation and very loud music. We know them well, and the girlfriend of one of them is Mel (hi Mel!), who I stayed with in Tuscany this summer. Mel and I are pretty excited that when she is up from Tuscany we will be neighbours, and Carlo was very happy to have two good friends living so near.

We didn’t think about the walls.

The walls are thin, or rather the floor/ceiling is thin. We can hear them when they are at home and they can hear us. I like to sing, loudly when I am doing stuff at home, but don’t want them teasing me, I am already singing quieter, even when I know they are out. Also, we will have to learn to argue quietly. Over the last year without neighbours we have quite enjoyed the freedom of yelling at each other as loud as possible, which just won’t do when others can hear every word.

I went to visit the boys the other morning, to check out the layout of their apartment. I wasn’t happy to learn that the blonde guy is sleeping directly under our bathroom, does he realise that we will be practically peeing on his head while he sleeps? And will he hear if any unexpected noises slip out while we are sitting on the loo? Oh the shame!

And the other guy, Mels boyfriend is sleeping directly under us. His bed is even in the same position as ours…Mel, will it bother you if I sleep on top of your boyfriend?
He said to us jokingly the other day, “my rooms underneath yours, so if you’re gonna have sex, please do it quietly, I don’t want to know.”

Surreally, the other night Carlo and I actually found ourselves waiting until all was quiet down below. Afterwards I whispered to him, “I don’t think they could’ve heard us, do you?”
“ No,” Carlo whispered back, “I think they’re asleep. We can wait until they’re asleep like Skye and then do what we want!”


  1. Hi Niki, glad to see your back!
    Hope you had a nice visit!
    I couldn't see the picture of the boys from below, it wouldn't work for me. Hope all is well and you should sing like no one is listening and dance like noone is watching! La vita e bella.

  2. I agree with Lucy.
    Why refrain? Please lead your life your way!

  3. “my rooms underneath yours, so if you’re gonna have a shag, please do it quietly, I don’t want to know.”

    Class...real class.

  4. Just like the bunk beds for the crew on the cruise ship, LOL!

  5. The link doesn't work, but I think I know what picture you're talking about...

    So, you say that ONE of them is the boyfriend of someone...

  6. Then again if the other one is under your bathroom, never mind... ;-)


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