Wednesday, November 28

“Skye! What are you wearing?! It’s not summer anymore, you can’t wear that, it’s too cold. Go and put your jeans on please, Daddy’s waiting.”
“But Mummy, princesses don’t wear jeans!” She peeled off her pink miniskirt and suntop and started rummaging through the drawers, sighing tragically.
“Yes, and you are not a princess.”
“But I want to be!”
“Come and let me brush your hair, you look like a monkey with it like that.”
“I want long blonde hair like that princess in Cinderella.”
“Your hair is long and blonde and what have you got in it, yoghurt? Bleugh, it’s all sticky. Can I cut your hair short like last time? It looked really nice.” And was sooo much easier to brush and dry, I thought as she wriggled away from me.
“No Mummy! Princesses don’t have short hair”

I held up a pair of jeans but she shook her head stubbornly and gestured towards her Sleeping Beauty Princess dress, that she had hung lovingly on her bed.
“You want to wear that? Oh, come on, just put jeans on. You’re only going to do the shopping with Daddy.”
“I want to wear my princess dress.”
“Oh, fine, wear what you want!” I gave up and left her to it.

A few minutes later Princess Sleeping Beauty wandered out of Skyes room, pulled on a very un-princess like pair of sheepskin boots and pronounced herself ‘ready’. Her father, King Carlo, stared at her aghast and said, “she’s not going out like that is she?”
“Yes, Daddy, I am a princess and this is what princesses wear.” She clomped towards the door, grabbing her fucsia fake fur coat on the way.
“I’m afraid so,” said the Queen, “this is what little girls like to do.”
“But, it’s not Carnevale! She can’t dress up like that.”
“Why ever not? Don’t be so silly. She thinks it’s the most beautiful dress in the world and wants everybody to see it. At least she hasn’t tried to wear it to school.”

“Oh! I forgot to tell you” Carlo said as the princess clomped back into the room, “Antonella phoned about the school Christmas concert. Skye is going to be a snowflake so she need white tights and silver tinsel to go with her costume.”
“Daddy, no! I don’t want to be a snowflake! I want to be a princess, always, and dance and dance...” She swirled around the room, her yellow dress billowing out in a circle.

As they left to do the shopping I sat down and picked up a plastic princess crown that was lying on the table, thinking about the school concert. A vision came into my head: rows of angelic children dressed as white snowflakes, three Kings, Mary and Joseph bent over a crib, proud parents and teachers watching. But suddenly, the effect was ruined as Princess Skye in her yellow dress and Ugg boots came swirling into the scene, spinning round and round, sending props flying...
It would certainly liven things up, but I'd better have a talk to her, maybe mentioning princess snowflakes...


  1. My 8-year-old niece went through (is still in?) a princess phase, and it's so cute from the perspective of the non-parent at least ;)

    FWIW, I don't see why snowflakes couldn't wear Uggs. They're SNOW for goodness' sake!

  2. Don't sweat the small stuff, I speak from experience now that my little snow white is 17 going on eighteen.
    When she was in grade 1 she went to school in her snow white outfit after Halloween for a week over all manner of clothes as she got to pick out what she wanted to wear. A little boy down the street Robbie wore superman cape and tights and red shorts for two months every day. Smile Queen Niki and King Carlo's you made her feel like a princess.

  3. Lucy from Pickering and TorontoNovember 28, 2007 at 3:41 PM

    Oh that is so sweet! Il re and la Principessa go shopping in Positano...good story! Uggs and snowflake could be Principessa fiocco di neve (Snowflake)!

  4. She knows what she wants, that's for sure... and she's not even five yet. Can you imagine what it will be like when she's fourteen?! :)

  5. life would be sooo much easier if disney would make a really fantastic princess with a short hair do!...

    every little girl wants to be a princess, it's so cute...boys just want to be john deere tractors!

  6. Come on you know princesses don't send props flying! She is at such a happy and loving age that is so much better for parents than the teen years.

  7. A little princess she certainly is.. and one that understands the importance of comfort by the sounds of it, sporting her little ugh boots. That is really sweet:)

  8. I bow to her character. You need to be strong to go out these days in a costume. It certainly is sign of a strong will.
    Pity I did not meet them...


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