Friday, November 23

readers questions

This is a long one so go get a cup of tea or something.

Here is a selection of emails that I have received over the last month. I've had a lot of similar emails and do try to reply to most of them, but sometimes I just don't have time.

I have edited some of these emails, taking out the personal stuff, but a few of them have been copied in their entirity, brief short notes demanding information. I usually ignore these ones because I find it rude that people don't bother to let me know who they are but expect me to give my time to them, as if I was an online information booth.

Anyway, the number one subject that people email me about:

I went to Positano last May. After I went home I kept day dreaming about those couple of days in Positano. I guess reading your blogs has brought me back to earth. It is no different than any other towns in the world. Which really puts a hole in my balloon. I have that little city being a fairy tale of some sort. A place of magic, and all the people really are Pearls of the sea.
I have just about convinced myself that if I can fine a job, and a place to rent, I want to spend a year there. I heard the word boring on occasion from people that live there.
What do you think, can a woman take care of herself in Positano? I would appreciate your advice.

How difficult is it to find a place to rent longterm. Im sure i read in your blog that you found it difficult to find the right place with affordable rent. I loved how you found your little apartment with balcony over looking Positano.

I've considered moving to Positano but it would be difficult - quitting my job, selling my house etc. and I'd love to be able to live in NYC and then travel to Positano together a few times a year.

If someone was thinking about moving to the area, are there any web sites for long term rentals? or two bedrooms... any idea on costs?

Hello! I stumbled upon your blog after googling "living in Positano. My wife and I are thinking about moving there next summer. I read that you had done the same thing a few years back and ended up staying. I wanted to see if you minded answering a few questions in regard to moving and living there for a summer. I would love to get a perspective from someone whose native language is English. I have been to Positano twice and it is my favorite place on earth. I look forward to hearing from you.

I was sad to hear that you get so many email like mine. I don't want to just be another number! I am really hoping to come out there for the summer. We are exploring the options right now.

It is my dream to move to Italy after I retire in another 10 yrs or so. I would be interested in any advice from you about preparing for my journey.

Would you recommend Positano to others looking to relocate to Italy? Do you believe Positano to be a good place to raise a family? Is there a high ex-pat population that has helped your transition to living in Positano?

Hey there. Just checking in and seeing if you might be able to help me
out on some of those questions. I am really anxious! Sorry again if I
am pestering you. Hope all is well. Cheers

So....first of all, anyone interested in moving to Italy should visit There you will find all your questions on moving and living in Italy answered by people that have done it and are doing it.

Regarding Positano, it scares me a little the amount of people that want to move here, it's only a small town, where would we put everybody if they all turned up? I can't decide for you if it is the right place to live, it depends on what you expect from a place. So I'll just try and answer these questions that I have been asked:

I will list my questions for ease of answering.

1. How much does it cost to rent a place in Positano? We talked to our cab driver on the way to the airport when we left last November and he said it is more expensive for foreigners as opposed to Italians or locals.

It is hard even for locals to find somewhere to rent full time in Positano. The property owners earn more money from summer rentals than year round rentals and are reluctant to rent out to residents. Recently, local friends have been trying to find a 2 bed apartment in town and have found nothing for less than 1000 euro per month basic rent. And no, there are no websites with long term rentals, you have to go around town asking everybody you see if they know of anywhere to rent. Word of mouth is what it's called.

2. Is there much work for people who don't speak much Italian? We would both be willing to do anything though.

Some employers will hire non Italian speakers, because they only care about selling to the English speaking tourists. I have noticed that more people here are looking for English speaking nannies for their children, but they often expect all the housework, shopping and cooking to be done too and the wages are at the lower end of the scale.

3. How much do summer jobs there typically pay?

For a full time job which is around 8 hours a day, six days a week you could expect to get anything from 800-1200 euro per month. So that just about covers your rent. With some jobs you don't get a day off, the reasoning being that you get the whole winter off.

4. How many people who email you in regard to living in Positano actually end up moving there?

One just arrived and there are maybe more on the way. Last time I counted there were roughly 50 English speaking expats living in Positano, but people come and go a lot.


  1. Lucy from Pickering and TorontoNovember 23, 2007 at 4:40 PM

    I just wanna visit...ciao

  2. You know I want to live there! :-) But we both know it's probably not going to happen, at least not for the next thirty years or so, so I'll satisfy myself with annual visits.

    Thank you for again providing such great insight.

  3. Oh, how I can understand this blog...happens a lot to me too. I send them to Expats Italy as well. Enjoy reading your blog, from one expat in a seaside resort/village to another! :)

  4. Well you don't have to worry about me, I won't stay in Positano ;) Also, I would much prefer to buy than to rent, that way I could rent the place out when I'm not there... just gotta get rich first! :D

  5. I have a house in Positano and chose Not to raise my family there. We love to go and spend long holidays there but live the small hiccups of everyday life there would drive me crazy with frustration. It could be different for an individual or a couple though, who are armed with a lot of patience...
    Thats why I like your Blog Niki. You are telling it like it is!

  6. I love Positano but only for a holiday! TBH I find living in Italy hard enough as it is (and I live in a northern town) without adding in the extra hassles that living in a such a relatively isolated, but beautiful, place entails.admbg


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