Thursday, January 31



What to say? Bangkok is hot, busy, smelly, big, cheap and two days have been enough for us. We whizzed around town in tuk-tuks, took the water ferry, we saw some temples. We saw the longest Buddha and the goldest Buddha. We argued, we laughed, we sweated, we ate, we walked and shopped, we bargained and bought, and then crashed in our room on the second afternoon.

Carlois now snoozing and Skye is probably decorating the room with Hello Kitty stickers bought this morning in a market in Chinatown. Tomorrow we're going to Phuket, winter hideaway of the Pospeople. We're not sure how long we'll stay there, we have a room for one night, but apparantly it's all booked up because of the Chinese New Year on the 7th Feb. Will we be homeless in Phuket? If we can't find a room there we'll just move on down south...


  1. The temple shot top notch , the fish shot big Yuck. Poppy and you and Carlo's looking good, fights are a staple when traveling as are hello kitty stickers . Maybe when you get to the Positano getaway resort someone will put you up for a day or two extra, through the goodness of their hearts or their pocketbooks.
    Says Nell from Ajax

  2. Look at you in your gorgeous non-straightened hair! ;) I take it that the weather is better in Bangkok than it was in Hong Kong. I love your posts, they make me feel *almost* as if I were on vacation myself. Almost. Except that we had -5 and snow here today.

  3. Did you try some of that deep fried fish in your picture? "Bla Tong Gor" is the name - very delicious!

    Cool blog!


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