Tuesday, January 29

Hong Kong part 1

As the plane touched down in Hong kong we looked at each other in surprise. The fog was so thick that we hadnt realised how close we were to landing. Outside we could faintly see the edge of the runway bordered by the sea, but nothing beyond it except for dense fog.

As we queued up for immigration I noticed that Skye was attracting attention even though for once she wasnt doing anything. People were turning around and smiling at her, pointing her out to their friends and trying to get her to say hello to them. It must be her blonde hair, I thought.

We bought tourist Octopus cards (includes airport express journey, free shuttlebus to hotel and 3 days unlimited travel on public transport) and caught a train to Kowloon station where we boarded a rickety old shuttle bus to our hotel. The driver weaved in and out of the traffic in a manner that would have done proud any driver from Naples, causing Skye to slide onto the floor in a heap of giggles a few times while we clutched tightly onto our rucksacks to stop them rolling around.

After a quick wash in our room we went for a walk around Tsim Sha Tsui, browsing various shops and finding our way around . We found a fresh fruit stall and ordered dragon fruit and mango juice, freshly squeezed. The dragon fruit juice was off-white with dark grainy bits floating in it, but it tasted surprisingly mild and sweet. It was nearly 8pm so we found our way over to the harbour and watched the Symphony of Lights , a lightshow involving all the skyscrapers on the Island that overlook the harbour. As the show came to an end it started raining so we sheltered under the festival hall for a while.and watched the view. But after a 12 hour flight and an 8 hour time difference we were too tired to do much else other than eat some dinner before it was time for bed.

Dinner: 'what is that thing on the side of your plate?'
'boh, dunno. Let' try it...'
'you try it, it looks like a squashed eyeball.'
Carlo gamely took a bite...'um, I don't know how to describe it, a bit like uncooked pizza dough with sugar in it.' A gelatinous wobbly green thing that was probably related to seaweed was also left behind because 'it wobbles too much'.

Of course we all woke up at 3am, wide awake and starving hungry. Carlo got up, turned the light on and started devouring oranges and bananas, before climbing back into bed to watch a film. Skye got up and after stealing her daddys snack, decided it was time to do colouring, spreading her drawings all over the floor. I didnt move from the bed, burrowing down further under the covers, trying to sleep some more. At 6am they crawled back into bed and we all slept soundly until 11am, ready to explore Hong Kong...

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  1. Your trip and descriptions bring back memories. My family and I lived in the Philippines in the late 60's (nothing like dating ones-self!). One day our housekeeper took my 4-year old daughter to the local market with her, and natives all wanted to touch and remark over her very blonde curly hair.

    We visited Hong Kong for a week (courtesy of military transport). I remember the crowded city and the crazy traffic. We ate delicious kobe beef at a restaurant named Juno's, a revolving structure atop a tall building.


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