Tuesday, January 29

Hong Kong part 2

We could have caught the MTR subway over to Hong Kong Island but the Star Ferry really is a must while here, even though the fog hadn't cleared much. We were heading for the mid-level escalators, a string of mobile stairs that stretched 800 metres up a hill with many places to jump off and explore.

We came across a temple where coils of incense hanging from the ceiling burned, dropping hot fragrant ash onto our heads. People lit bunches of incense sticks from red candles and waved them around, offering prayers.
'Mummy, my eyes are stinging.'
'Mine too, come on lets go out.'

We wandered through the characteristic Ladder Street and Cat Street until we got lost. Chinese medicine shops displayed strange wares, some unidentifiable, some strangely familiar. Dried mussels, prawns and what looked like dried anchovies; who knows what they do with them? We found a swetshop that sold chocolates and candies, and little packets of what looked like peanuts mixed with tiny dried fish, packaged for children to enjoy. Skye didn't want one.

Later we wandered around sidestreets packed with seafood cafes with live wriggling sea creatures and market stalls bustling with life where I bought a little bag for about 2 euro. Red chinese paper lanterns hung across the streets and there were lots of little orange trees dotted around, which people put in their homes for good luck on the chinese new year.

We fell asleep at 11pm, tired from a days walking, but by 4am we were all wide awake again so we had a midnight snack of cookies in bed, except Skye who was banished to the floor for the crime of crumb spilling. We then lay like sausages in a row and sang 'there were 3 in the bed and the little one said 'rollover'', trying to shove Carlo onto the floor. Eventually we fell asleep again for a few more hours...

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