Tuesday, January 29

Hong Kong part 4

Our last day in Hong Kong went rather well. We popped into a bank to change some money and we came out with a bit more than we should have done. At first I thought that we had been calculating the exchange rate wrong, but we soon realised that there had been a wrong calculation on the banks part. Seeing as we had already caught a train we decided to keep the extra and have fun.

So we went to Disneyland, whizzed round Space Mountain twice, the teacup ride and Cinderellas Carousel. We saw the Disney Parade and went shopping, buying Skye a fairy skirt, a princess t-shirt and a set of Disney Princess figurines.
We left Disneyland and caught the train back into Hong Kong where I finally bought myself a new camera. (My other one broke the day before we left, I ordered a new one with garanteed next day delivery but it didn't arrive in time so I cancelled the order and took my broken camera with me which has been seizing and freezing ever since in the most inoppurtune moments.) That evening we ordered room service, choosing anything we wanted and at the end we still hada bit more money left than what we started with.

Oh, and I also learnt that it is best not to buy cotton candy just as a parade is about to pass by, especially if you are planning to take photos and have nobody to hold the cotton candy for you. You see, cotton candy starts to melt and drip after a while if it doesn't get eaten straight away. As the Disney parade finished and everybody drifted away I found my left arm and bag coated with scattered globs of orange sugar.


  1. Lucy from PickeringJanuary 29, 2008 at 3:25 PM

    Hi, I read all your posts...wow, looks like you are having a fantastic trip so far except for the fog. Sunny days ahead!!!
    Great photos! Stay Safe!

  2. Nellie from Ajax
    Niki girl you must immediately lick off all candy floss off your person or clothing this is a stead fast rule from childhood.Your photo of the three of you holding up the huge ball great ,Poppy looks very sweet she was born to be a princess. Bonus on the extra exchange cash flow they snooze they loose.Trust me if it was the other way around they would not be looking to give it to you.
    Enjoy !

  3. Thank you for the detailed trip diary, it makes me feel liek I am there...Carlo, for the love of God, SMILE! You're on vacation!!!

  4. Wow, that must have been heaven for Poppy! Sorry that you never got to see the Buddha though.. Onwards to new adventures!

  5. That sounds amazing, I had no idea there was a disneyland there!

  6. Extra Money: good
    Disneyland: Good
    Cotton Candy: Gooooooood.
    Looks like you guys had a great time.

  7. Well it always great to share your trip and give us poor people a chance to see the world.
    The great thing about been poor is we pray to God to help us every day to get thr the day.
    I we receaved extra money from the Bank we would give it back because some poor person is getting the blame if not loosing their job.
    And if you have a conchens ithis should bother you if not now it will when you get older so return Money so when your little child ask you did you ever steel any thing you will be able to look her in eyes


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