Wednesday, January 23

Three days in England before we fly to Hong Kong. The first day a mad dash round the shops to pick up little necessities such as hairbands (which I couldn't find anywhere in Italy, antibacterial hand gel (ditto) and our rucksacks which we couldn't manage without. My rucksack is smaller than Carlos, just 45 litres which holds much less than I imagined. I have had to cut down my luggage by half and find myself left with a scarily small amount of clothes:

4 suntops
2 bikinis
1 pair jeans
2 skirts
2 t-shirts
1 hooded sweater
1 pair flip flops
+ 1 big washbag
1 titchy hairdryer
1 lightweight rainjacket
and I'm still debating whether I can live without my hair straighteners.

I must also remember the clothes I will be wearing to travel in, they will have to fit into the bag too:

1 pair trainers
1 pair leggings
1 longsleeve top
1 long lightweight sweater

Today, the day before we leave, my camera practically self destructed in my hands. I was planning on taking lots of photos of course, but also lots of little videos as well . But something has gone wrong with the microphone. Every videoclip I make sounds like the camera is eating a packet of crisps, which is no good to me at all. So I flicked the little switch that changes shooting mode and the button fell off in my hand, rendering the camera pretty much useless for my needs. My phone takes great photos in daylight but the quality of the videos is not good enough for me so I have ordered a new camera and they have promised it will arrive before we leave tomorrow.

I start to feel anxious.

Thoughts drift through my head. Do I really want to spend 12 hours sitting on a plane instead of sleeping in my comfy bed, landing disorientated and tired in an unknown place? Wouldn't it have been easier to stay at home all winter, cosied up on the sofa watching episodes of Lost and CSI? Why did my camera self destruct? Is it an omen of things to come?

I am in that awkward, tense, nowhere moment, that always occurs just before I go somewhere far away. I pace around the house, trying to think if I have forgotten anything, but I know I've organised everything down to the last detail. I know that everything will be fine, but I always get anxious at the last moment. At least, I think to myself, I'll have something to do on the plane, with whole new camera to get to grips with.


  1. Calm down ... it will all be fine and just think of all the wonderful memories for you and your family. Good luck and I can't wait to read all about it. Oh, and thanks for all the pics of bella Italia ... I miss her so.

  2. Oh I *love* that part of a trip - the part right before it actually begins. I'm sure you haven't forgotten a thing, except maybe to fill Carlo in on the details of where you're going... ;)

    But Nicki. Please listen to me. You're going to southeast Asia. It is going to be hot and humid, and you're on vacation. Please let your hair be on vacation too. Please don't bring your straighteners, if you can't stand your gorgeous curls (stupid girl!) then drench the length of your lovely tresses in coconut oil or shea butter and wear it in a braid or twist for the day. Think of it as a deep treatment if that makes you feel better.

    and yeah, I know, I KNOW that I brought my flat iron to Italy not once but twice, but next time it's staying at home :)

  3. You're going to have a good time!! :) I agree with Annika, leave the straightener - you're going to be on the beach and you won't give a damn about people around you! :)

    Bring a few claw clips to put your up as well :)

  4. I thought I was the only one feeling what you're feeling right now. That constant thought: why oh why did I do this? Why couldn't I stay inthe comfort of my lovely home...but then, you get wherever you're goign and you FORGET. Right away. You EVER thought that.
    Straighteners in HongKong and Malaysia and all the rest?

  5. You'll have a wonderful time! I would say leave your straighteners at home, but I know I would bring mine.

  6. You might even be able to find an inexpensive salon to have your hair blown out straight when you feel as if you need it! It's always a bit scary to venture out at first, but you'll be so happy you did it. Good luck with your camera.

  7. I really have to leave them behind? I'll cry!

  8. I brought a portable hair straigtener with me on my trip the one with butane refill when I went to Cuba, I never used it once! Too hot, too humid and I didn't want to spend my holiday straigtening my hair. I agree with Annika, give the hair a rest.
    I always feel that way (anxious) before a trip too. I can't even sleep the night before I go anywhere...sleepings for the beach!

  9. Leave the straighteners behind. Wash and blow dry at a salon cost less than 5 Euros! Asia is a good place to pamper yourself. Btw, if you should be visiting the Royal Palace in Thailand, note that they don't allow sandals, sleeveless tops or leggings. Otherwise they'll make you rent socks and sarongs. Enjoy.

  10. No straighteners! You'll regret the extra weight in your pack. Don't forget also the Imodium or something to stop those desperate midnight dashes to the loo!

  11. You will have such a great time! It's good to get out of comfort zones, you have done it before and your doing it again. It will be fine. Take a deep breathe and unload that straightner its way too humid there!

  12. You bring straighteners or hairdryer (anything electrical) and then you need a Universal adapter for those countries. Don't forget it.

  13. BREATHE,EXHALE,BREATHE now as they say on the Soprano's Forgetta about it. It's all good enjoy . Have a terrific journey to the land of the Rising Sun[ Domo Arigato}. Always bow after saying thank you and all introductions. Take care
    Nell from Ajax

  14. I agree and say leave behind straighteners - I always go naturally curly on vacay, it's just easier. And believe me, my hair is a super fro! You'll look great and appreciate the 'weight loss.'


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