Saturday, February 9

Ao Nang part 1

After a week in Phuket we managed to break free from the rest of the Posipeople and move on towards Krabi. A minibus came and collected us early in the morning and as everybody else dozed I gazed out the window, looking for signs of real Thai life.

We passed a ragged football pitch with two ornate bamboo birdcages hanging fron the goal post, we passed fields of pineapple trees and tall spindly trees with bushy tops supported on impossibly thin trunks. Every now and then I saw a brown cow gazing in a front yard, or a woman gathering plants into her skirt while small goats grazed around her. After a while I dozed off to the lull of the motor.

Nearly 3 hours after we left Phuket we were dumped with our bags on a main street.
'This is Krabi?' I asked the driver.
'No, this Ao Nang.' he replied, closed the door and drove off into the distance.
But we were soon reassured by a passing Scottish couple I flagged down that Ao Nang was a much nicer place to stay in, and that we must take Skye to see the monkeys at the far end of the beach. So we heaved our rucksacks onto our backs and went to find a room. We found a simple room set in a lush garden for about 20 euro a night and payed for 2 nights stay, before changing into our swim stuff and setting off to find the monkeys.

There were no monkeys to be seen at the end of the beach but we did find some kayaks for rent so the three intrepid explorers set off to discover what was on the other side of the bay. We found many tropical beaches with swaying palms, strange rock formations that arose from the sea and towered above us and mysterious
caves and tunnels to explore.

Later that evening a certain litle girl was delighted when while walking down the road a man appeared with a small furry monkey and let her hold it for a while...


  1. i've been reading about your adventures from the beginning and it all sounds like a dream. i've always wanted to go to thailand.

    the beaches look beautiful and i love Poppy's hair!

  2. Happy birthday to Poppy. Her hair looks beautiful and what a lovely adventure your all having...
    My goodness that monkey is so cute!

  3. Princess Poppy and her traveling side kicks are very blessed, thank you for the joy of sharing it all with us at home.Great huge jelly fish YUK.....!
    Said Nellie from Ajax


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