Thursday, February 21

Kuala Lumpur part 1

We took a bus to to Kuala Lumpur, it cost about seven euro for each ticket and was super luxurious. Each seat reclined fully, and was equipped with personal videoscreens and a selection of films and games. The five hour journey passed very comfortably and at 8pm we pulled up outside the bus station in KL where amongst all the chaos of traffic, buses and shouting people, somehow I found Jamie waiting for us with a driver.

Jamie’s father used to work with my parents in a TV company in London many years ago, before returning to Malaysia, and he welcomed us into his home with open arms, good wine and platefuls of really yummy noodles. I had last seen Jamie about 4 years ago and since then she had had 2 little girls and recently moved back to KL from England. Skye was soon running around with her new little friends while Jamie and I organised the next few days and her dad sneakily phoned my dad to tell him we were safe and 'home'.

We were very very lucky to be given a driver and car for the next 2 days, I tried to protest, saying we could manage by bus, but that idea was laughed off immediatley, and the next morning there was a car waiting for us outside the house. Mohan the driver was very eager to show us the city and was actually a very good guide. He took us to FRIM, a forestry reserve in the city, where we wandered through rainforest, encountering extremely large ants and lots of sticky spiderwebs in our faces, He showed us a lake and bought bread for us to throw to huge 2 metre long dragonfish that surfaced slowly when you clapped loudly. At lunchtime we stopped off at Jamies dads company, where Carlo enjoyed climbing in and out of a large collection of vintage cars that were displayed out front.

Mohan took us on a tour around the city, pointing out old English buildings, the Royal Palace, the war memorial and everything else he could think of. In the rainforest he walked with us, joking that he would be our bodyguard against deadly insects, At the the war memorial he raced Skye along the length of the fountain and did a little funny dance for no reason at all. We were very priviliged to have him and see so much of the city.


  1. After the rain sun ALWAYS shines...

  2. Mohan sounds an absolute jewel of a human being.How diverse is KL and amazing.
    said Nellie ...Ajax

  3. Mohan. That name doesn't sound Malaysian. Did you ask where he is originally from?


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