Thursday, February 21

Kuala Lumpur part 2

The next day happened to be my birthday and Jamie spoiled me even more. Mohan picked me and Carlo up at 10am leaving Skye to play with Jamies girls, and we were driven out of the city to a rather posh spa where we were treated to his'n'her massages, jacuzzis and saunas before a light lunch by a small trickling fountain in the shade, overlooking a lake. It was calm and peaceful, a welcome change from the bustle of the city. All too soon we were back in the car but Mohan hadn't run out of things to show us yet and took us on another tour.
He took us to see Sunway, a large developement that included a waterpark, resort hotels, university, hospital, homes and more. We saw the Batu Caves, and a large shopping mall with a theme park inside including a rollercoster that whizzed around the mall, looping the loop above our heads. Carlo went on it alone while I stood by comforting a very upset, too short Skye who wasn't allowed on.
That evening we met up with Jamie for dinner in a restaurant in the Petronus Towers, where we posed for silly photos,laying flat on our backs to take them. Around the back of the towers we sat with the crowds watching the fountains at dusk and managed to eat the birthday cupcakes which mysteriously arrived with a group of singing waiters after we had already scoffed 3 large desserts. It was the best birthday I had had in years. I had become used to very quiet birthdays in Positano in February, with nobody around to celebrate with, so it was nice to finally celebrate in style.
After dinner Mohan insisted on taking us on a nightime tour around the city to see the lights. We had to admit it was very pretty and we declared Kuala Lumpur our favourite city that we had visited so far and Malaysia our favourite country. There was so much more that we hadn't had time to see or do, but our time was running out and we had to head on towards Singapore...


  1. So glad that you had a great birthday and that your holiday picked up. KL is alovely city. Noticed that Carlo is wearing that t-shirt again!

  2. What a nice birthday! Hugs and kisses.
    Kuala Lumpur does look and sound MUCH more interesting than everything else you described.
    Let's hear about Singapore.

  3. I'm happy you liked my country. :)

  4. Happy belated birthday! It sounds like it was lovely especially the day spa...

  5. you're going to singapore! please go to newton circus for me.

    poppy is getting big and she looks like you in that picutre...say hi to carlo :)


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