Saturday, February 16

Not Penang

Our short stay in Penang didn't go very well. It started off fine, as the ferry crossed over from Butterworth we saw the lights of Georgetown sparkling across the bay invitingly and were excited to be in Malaysia. We were staying just outside Georgetown and planned on spending the next day exploring the city.

Late morning we caught a taxi into town, but the driver left us on the wrong side of the city. We walked and walked, finding only construction sites, motorbike repair shops and the occasional delapidated noodle cafe. The sun was strong and there weren't any sidewalks, we started bickering and eventually gave up defeated. We finally flagged down a taxi and dejectedly went back to our room to sulk.

I then discovered that my credit card was missing and made a panicked call to cancel it, only to find it ten minutes later tucked inside my passport. I became far too stressed trying to book a room for the next few nights, remainng undecided between two hotels, I missed the cut off point for the next day booking leaving us to arrive in Kuala Lumpur late in the evening with nowhere to stay. I also managed to lose my sunglasses...

A panicky tantrum and a few tears later I decided to call for help. Family friends who live in KL that would be able to find us a bed for the night. I could have called them earlier but preferred to find myself somewhere to stay rather than wait for them to offer. I called and was immediately offered a room at their house and much more too...


  1. Don't beat yourself...all in all you left without reservations, with a toddler in tow and backpacks to drag.
    You are doing just fine, if you ask me.
    And the posting is timely and great and detailed for all of us to enjoy.
    so, thank you, very much.

  2. I agree. Take it in stride. Love the pictures and the descriptions of your holiday. The things that go day you'll laugh about!

  3. Did you check the top of your head for the sunglasses?

  4. Isn't it funny how stressed we get about things that end up working out? I'm glad your friends offered you a place to stay - I bet you'll have a wonderful time!

    I'm sorry Penang wasn't that great though :-(

  5. The joys of travelling. It's all fun and games and you'll look back and laugh.... xx

  6. Oh my gawd! You're in Malaysia! :)
    I hope the experience didn'r ruin your view of Penang.
    I hope you got to enjoy the food at least.

  7. Aaahhh...the trials and tribulations of travelling!


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