Wednesday, February 6

Phuket part 3

We couldn't shake off the Posipeople so we joined them for a few days, exploring the most alluring beaches on the island. Some travelled by car, some by scooter and even if we got seperated on the way everyone managed to meet up at the destination of choice...

This time it was a beach only accessible by a 2 kilometre long dirt road. We parked at the top and set off along the red dusty road...
It was a long way down and we slipped often in the dirt. Our clothes took on an orange hue and we sweated and giggled our way down through the jungle pathway. Finally we saw a small hut and the sea glittering just behind it...
We walked around the hut and found a small paradise. Emerald blue sea sparkled and lapped against the pale yellow sand as nearby elephants grazed in the shade of coconut trees. A small stream trickled past the trees and down to the beach, we crossed it over a tiny bamboo bridge and joyfully ran to the sea.
We sat in the shallows sipping fresh coconut juice and then trying to scrape the cocnut flesh out of the shell. Once revived we swam lazily around the magical cove, watching the elephants in the distance.


  1. Rosa (something...)February 6, 2008 at 4:11 PM

    You look so relaxed and youthful.
    I don't know why you're worrying about your hair. Just let your natural beauty take over. It looks so good in those surroundings!

  2. Nelli from Ajax Said
    Poppy will have the most magical birthday memories ever and she will be forever happy.

  3. OOOOHHHH! Do places like that really exist?

    Braids and plaits (what's the difference?) are great and my all-time rescue those days when I just don't feel like doing anything with my hair. You look great in yours!

  4. I don't get your negativity for your hair...
    You look stunning, no matter what.

  5. Happy Birthday to Poppy and many more! That is so cool, not alot of people can say they rode an elephant. Your hair is fine but none of us are ever happy with our hair! We want curly if we have straight and straight if we have curly. Anyway you look at it, you guys are so lucky...we are being buried in snow with blue lightning!


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