Wednesday, February 6

Phuket part 4

"Skye, what would you like for your birthday? You know we're going to be away so we can't have a party, but what would you like to do?"

" I want to ride on an elephant!"
One happy five year old (and classmate) got what she wished for with the added bonus of feeding the hairy baby elephant...


  1. Alexander just saw the photo and now he wants to ride an elephant too.

    Happy birthday Poppy!!!

    Nicki, please give your beautiful big girl lots of hugs from us and tell her that I want to hear all about her elephant adventures when I see her next time.

    Five! Didn't she just turn three?! :)

  2. Is it today???
    Happy Birthday Poppy girl!
    What a unique birthday...big hugs and kisses from us too!

  3. What a great birthday to look back on. That baby elephant is sooo cute! Ciao Amanda

  4. Ciao Niki da abbiamo fatto un articolo sulla nostra inviata speciale.. :-) e su Positano in Thailandia.. by


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