Wednesday, February 27


We stayed in Little India...
and explored the busy streets...

We tried lots of new dishes...
We visited Raffles Hotel...
and did the Night Safari at the zoo...
and we swam on the man-made beaches of Sentosa...
and then suddenly, in a matter of hours, we found ourselves in a completely different place...


  1. Cool...does that mean the trip is almost over???? Sad:(

    Lucy in Pickering (-25 celcius)

  2. I have been following your vacation and it is quite the adventure that will make an impression on Poppy for the rest of her life. Safe travels for the rest of your journey. Rox M.

  3. When did Stonehenge move to Singapore? (insert shocked face expression)

  4. Sounds like you had a real great vacation and even good weather most of the time.

  5. This has been the most magical vacation I've ever read about. Is it already time for you to go home?

  6. OY. Time flies.
    I am exhausted from this long trip and from the jet lag! Need to lie down.
    Welcome back to EU.

  7. Thought I must be tripping when I saw Stonehenge!

    I've really enjoyed seeing all your vibrant photos and reading about your travels. Safe journey home. Ciao

  8. Great sites great food and its new unique flavors, Good grief Stonehenge
    I have always wanted to go , my son and daughter did visit last April.
    Niki did you feel the earth quake last night I heard it was a magnitude of 5.3 and happened at 1 or 2 in the morning.?

    Nell from Ajax

  9. I have loved your vacation, and through osmosis - great pics and descriptions, I wish I had the same opportunitY! Thanks so much for sharing, it had to be an effort of some sort to continuously post to us to share your vacay. Much appreciated!

  10. Hope you enjoyed Singapore - I have great memories of all of the places you visited! :)

  11. Umm...what was that strange (new) food???

  12. We were in Singapore at the exact same time, imagine that? Maybe I walked passed you and the family in the area around Mustafas?


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