Thursday, March 27

Dark clouds gripping the mountain in a brief pause from the rain, yesterday.I have been back in Italy for 27 days and it has rained non-stop for about 22 days. It can be hard to keep spirits high. The dirty clothes pile up in the corner, overflowing out of the washing basket and the silent washing machine. Sodden towels hang heavily on the line outside where they have swayed wetly for over a week, gently slapping at the wall. In the kitchen a patch of mould has reappeared on the wall, where 2 months ago I had scrubbed and painted it clean.

Skye stands on a chair by the window, here little nose pressed up against the cold glass.
"Please don't rain, please don't rain," she chants, over and over again, staring up at the dark clouds that have taken up residence over Positano. A whole Easter holiday stuck at home has not been much fun for her or her school friends so some parents have attempted to challenge the weather and organise a picnic on the beach. But at midday, after a brief spell of sunlight the heavens open again and the picnic is hurriedly cancelled.

Mountain walks are planned and cancelled, ideas for a herb garden are put on hold, day trips are all organised but still a dream and the rain keeps falling. The most bothersome part of it is all the Italians that stop me and peer from under their hood or umbrella.
"What weather!" They say, shaking drops off their noses, "you must be quite at home, it's just like England isn't it?"
I glance from their wet shoes and soaking trouser cuffs trailing in puddles to my knee high green wellies enclosing toasty warm feet. "In England," I say imperiously, "it never rains like this. In England it stops every now and then...the weather changes often there...look, this is your weather, not mine OK?" I wade off through the puddles, muttering that at least I know how to dress for it, and they stand there in their sodden trousers, shaking their heads and sniggering at the girl wearing unfashionable fishermans boots.

A few days pass and the rain hasn't let up yet, Skye is ecstatic to return to school, her bedroom walls are now hidden under a hundred drawings and paintings produced in the last few days. Carlo is mourning for his canoe and the open sea, the canoe sits on the beach, brimming with rainwater. He starts searching for cheap flights away from here to escape the deluge. I meanwhile, find that I am perfectly happy at home, and have many things to do and make. Ideas bubble and my hands create. It's just depressing having to go outside. It would be nice to sit on a bench, or not wear a hood or carry an umbrella. It would be nice to see the top of the mountain again, or a patch of blue sky, or go for a walk just for the hell of it. But this weather, it can't last much longer can it?


  1. Rain IS depressing but here in Minnesota it started snowing the weekend after Thanksgiving and has snowed almost every week since. We were forecast a snowstorm for today but it has turned into flurries. We are going mad with the snow. Will spring ever come? If it is not in Positano, where is it???????

  2. Must be March showers, bringing April flowers in Pos.
    We are having snow showers? What the heck is "snow showers"?
    Then 2-5 cm of snow tonite into tomorrow! We were supposed to go away but are staying home this spring. We will make our yard an oasis instead but spring better hurry up and get here or I'm jumping ship!

  3. I so enjoy reading your blogs. By the way it was a beautiful sunny day here on the south coast of England today. So no rain here today!

  4. The only good thing about rain over snow is you don't have to shovel the rain. But, when I was younger I'd rather have snow as it didn't get me as wet as rain.

    I hope the sun comes out for you real soon!

  5. It must be so depressing to be stuck with continuous rain...especially after your great trip!!!

    It is very cold here in Oxfordshire, today we have had rain, sun and high winds...not good.

  6. I hope you guys have better weather soon. In Texas we haven't had many problems other than the constant changing of the weather - which is normal for here. One day cold, the next way too hot, the next rain and then snow, but wait! Back to hot 2 days later - makes for great sinus problems, but at least it keeps us guessing!

  7. It rained for over 50 straight days in Dublin last summer. I still feel like I haven't dried out yet. Hang in there!

  8. Shalon and Hola, Niki: Ti ho vista per via Pasitea, last day. I wos in a friend car and I couldn't stop. Before a Big mistake It is better that I stop writing in english. Mò me fermo,Che è meglio. Quando ci vediamo per programmare un blog bilingue su Positano da stracciare tutti quanti ? ? ?. la mia email è . Comunque domani sera vado all'Incanto per curiosare come si inizia a Positano la nuova campagna elettorale. Ciao Mx positanomylife

  9. Nell from Ajax said, Dear Niki and Carlo and Poppy,
    Its raining its pouring the old man is snoring he fell out of bed and bumped his head and he won't get up till its morning. Whenever I sang this as young child it stopped raining for days.Glad to see it did brighten up for you ,rain can be soothing some days but too much and it makes for listless feelings.
    Sunshine and lollipop's to you three .

  10. lm sure that hot humid sweltering summer is on it's way, it won't be long now:)

  11. The heavy Italian style rain was quite a surprise to me. I'm from a small town near Seattle. Thing is, it rarely rains like THIS in Seattle. Over there it's drizzle, drizzle, drizzle, not buckets of rain, thunder storms and hail. I thought this was 'the land of the sun' as the Neapolitan song goes.

    Lovely photos, as always! :)


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