Sunday, March 23

I have never told my daughter about the Easter Bunny and his basket of eggs because he doesn't exist here. As someone (hi Pat!) pointed out to me the other day, the nearest we'd get to the Easter Bunny in Italy is on a plate with some potatoes and carrots.

So at lunch today when Nonno pulled a tray or roast potatoes out of the oven I exclaimed, "We're not having rabbit for lunch are we?"
"No, chicken, why? Did you want rabbit?"
"God, no," I replied and tried to explain to the family about the tradition of the Easter Bunny. I concluded my explanation by saying "so eating rabbit at Easter would be kind of like eating Santa Claus for Christmas dinner..."

After lunch Carlo headed back up to the cemetery,
"I think we'd better go too." I said to Nonna, " I don't want to bump into the funeral procession on the way down." The footpath leading up towarads Nonnas house and the cemetery is very very narrow and not an ideal place to try and squeeze past 6 men holding a coffin aloft and a crowd of mourners.

As Skye skipped ahead of me I called after her, the usual safety instructions that parents call to their kids.
"Don't run too fast!
Stop and wait for me at the bottom!
If you see men carrying a coffin, stop running and go stand quietly in a doorway.
Do not push past them, please, wait quietly.
"OK, Mummy, if I see a funeral I'll stop and wait, byeeee!" And off she ran.

We got home and I felt bad about keeping the Easter Bunny a secret, so I crocheted her a little bunny and fed her a few chocolate eggs. Outside the sea crashed, the wind blew and people shivered, pulling their coats closer to them. She painted happily, wrecking the living room table, while I sewed the last floppy ear onto her little bunny. I tried to distract myself, but visions of sliced Santa on a platter kept flitting before my eyes...


  1. I'd rather eat a rabbit than Santa...

    Btw, I like your new bangs (checked your Flickr) - very sophisticated!

  2. That animal looks like a weasel, ferret or mink... do those exist where you are?

    I like your new do.

    Are you happy/relieved to be home?

  3. What a cute bunny! Happy Belated Easter to you and your family.

  4. Sliced Santa on a platter how bad can you get!! That is something that a big brother is supposed to tell his little sister not for a Mom to think about telling her little daughter!

    Strange about having a funeral on a Sunday and especially on Easter.

    Hope you all had a good Easter despite the weather and funeral.

  5. Oh heck...know what you mean!

    "Nikolaus" always left chocolate for our small son on December 6th, but as he grew older it seemed inappropriate. He wasn't that fond of chocolate anyway. When an offer came through for a pack of Scottish venison to be sent by post to his home in London, I thought that it would make a perfect substitute "with love from Nikolaus"

    When I ordered it, the girl on the other end of the phone said I was not to worry, she would ensure that it wasn't Rudolph...

  6. Oh Nicki, stupid me!!!! I just read all your posts tagged "Graveyard Tales" and now I am completely freaked out. I have to go to bed and try to sleep, and then the baby will have me up 2 or 3 times in the night... in the dark...!!!

    Oh, why did I do that?!?!?!?!?
    Because they are interesting tales... they are.. but oh!

  7. Ewwww. ucky!

    I don't like Santa - or RABBIT! ha ha

    Did she enjoy her newfound Easter bunny?

  8. Dear Niki , Nell says... That was very sweet , you could also get her the story of the Velveteen rabbit a favorite of mine,it comes with a tiny finger rabbit puppet also useful at Easter perched on a soft boiled egg for breakfast.In Sicily were I was born at Easter they made pastries with minced meat like stuffing and a hard boiled egg wrapped in the dough baked and covered with colored sprinkles and white icing. Can't recall the name they were given. I only ate the cookie part.

  9. What a cute story. Hope you had a nice Easter holiday and I hope all is well. :)

  10. I think your roadkill may be a European Pine Marten. See link The fur looks beautiful.

    I have eaten rabbit before at a Basque restaurant and it quite tasty but it is not commonly available or popular here. So, mercifully, no bunny guilt here!

    Like your new 'do and your bunny is adorable! And, mostly, I hope your return home was mold free!

  11. I accidentally forgot to confess that we were eating rabbit one night, that it wasn't the chicken my daughter thought it was ... since then, her daughter has been torn between 'enjoying rabbit with granma' and 'being friends with rabbits like mummy'.

    Reading of Santa Claus on a plate ... well, I'm feeling more than a tad guilty now.


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