Tuesday, April 8

About ten minutes after picking Skye up from school today I noticed something strange about her appearance. “Come here, let me see your head,” I said. I lifted the hair that fell across her forehead and found a huge swollen bump, already turning purple. She tried to tell me how it happened, "maybe I slipped or maybe I tripped on a toy. I don't know." She didn't seem to remember, but at least it didn’t hurt too much, and she seemed bright enough, so I wasn’t too worried about her. But I am upset that the school didn’t inform me in any way about her accident.

Surely parents should be advised by the teachers if their child has had an accident?
Especially when the child in question doesn't seem to even remember what happened.


  1. OUCH! Poppy poverina...
    Similar things have happened to us too, and I think it is very upsetting. I mean, isn't it the teacher's JOB to look after the kids?!

  2. Sorry about the accident, hope that you'll have a talk with the teacher and see what their assumptions are/were.

    It appears that you and I did the same thing at the same time in different places. In 1999 I came to Budapest - mainly because I speak the language but my first love is Rome and Sorrento.

    Never been to Positano, but my daughter and I will be visiting in Rome and then spending 4 days in Sorrento. This time we will be making it to Positano and Amalfi.

    May I ask how you are able to make a living there? I'm about ready to move on and have no idea what I can afford.

    Any feedback, comment and/or suggestion would be most welcome.


  3. eek, looks like there's a golf ball in there :-S

  4. Nellie from Ajax
    Dear Niki sorry about poor Poppy's bump,I would would very treist to say the least the teacher should be in her face talked to about protocol on children who are injured at school in any shape or form. It is in your child's and your best interest and also in theirs as the could have legal action against them.I told my daughter Serena's school these exact words when a basket ball knocked her out and they ''' forgot to mention it'' she ended up having a mild concision.She was 7 years old at the time. Could not remember why the side of her head had a bruise the size of my fist.

  5. From the looks of that picture poor Poppy has suffered quite an accident. I do hope and pray that she is doing well. If that had been our daughter my wife would have gone ballistic.

  6. It always stuns me when my son's school has no problem calling me when he's done something wrong. Yet, whenever he's been injured they have no idea how it happened. My point is when a child can be that hurt, they must have cried or drawn attention to themselves in some way - did no one notice? Or did they hope the parent would not?!

  7. Not withstanding the subject of the post I like the English/Italian style. As a person that is trying to learn more Italian in an English Speaking Country it is great to be compare the two.

    Un bombolotto in testa, indeed!

  8. Ouch!! Poor baby!! My boss just told me her 6 year old daughter pushed someone and the kid lost her front tooth!! It was a baby tooth, thank God, but the teacher never told her what happened? Is this a new world wide phenomena?? Mothers have a right to know!!

  9. Hai ragione Niki ! If it happens outside and the teacher's not told it's one thing. If it's in class it's another. I get a call from the school nurse each time and profuse apologizes from the teacher.

  10. Been through a few bumps, bruise, scratches.
    Nobody ever saw.
    Nobody ever knew.
    That's how it is.

  11. Ouch! That is quite an owie. I hope little Poppi is okay.

  12. Poor Poppy! Actually my son goes to scuola materna in Bologna and they always give me a note if he has an accident - even if there is no physical evidence at all. It might be that the bump didn't come up straight away and, if she didn't cry when she did it, nobody noticed.

  13. I really hope she's okay. Luckily, children are resilient. I just hope she's not in pain or anything... :(


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