Monday, April 28

"Pos is not a real community." says Anonymous

For the pleasure of those who might have missed the last comment on my last post here it is, written of course by Anonymous:

"While your criticisms of the tourist weren't completely inaccurate, your response confirmed my initial impression of the apparently seasonal foreign (British) residents of Positano that is, that they are largely rich, elitist and convinced that they live some sort of more 'authentic' life than the tourists. I say hogwash. Positano, while absolutely beautiful, is not a real community. Few normal folks can afford to participate in the manufactured authenticity of such places."

Who is this aimed at exactly?
Who are these apparently seasonal foreigh (British) residents of Pos? Am I one? Lets see...I usually go to the UK for a week in May and ten days in November, and again in February. Does that make me seasonal? Most of the expats here spend about the same amount of time as me in the UK if not less.

They are largely did you figure that out? Can you introduce me to these people? In my experience it doesn't get much better than earning 800 euro a month employed in a store in town, half going to the rent and the other half going to the babysitter/bills/insurance etc.

Elitist...You're just generalising the British, next you'll be saying that none of us can cook.

Convinced they live a more authentic life than the tourists...Er, yes, I think we do actually. Especially if the tourists only manage to stagger up to the church and back, convinced that they now know the town. Who doesn't live an authentic life in the town that they have lived in for years and years? I certainly don't spend all day sitting around at the beach restaurants being waited on. We have to do all the things everybody else that lives in any other town does. Take the kids to school, try and earn money battle at the post office, pay bills etc etc. What is not authentic about that? Every now and again in the summer we might stop off at an art exhibition at a hotel, or go out for dinner at a restaurant, but don't people do that in other towns?

I love this bit: Pos is not a real community. Few normal folks can afford to participate in the manufactured authenticity of such places.

Dollyna (a real Positanese) says:
I take this as a comment from a frustrated person who would love to live here but actually CAN'T!
Yes, I hate my town with all my guts more times than I find myself saying "Gee, how lucky I am to live here!" but still, this is the most beautiful place in the world and if you need help, here you'll find it in no time. You just need to yell and you'll be heard. And I send my son to school, alone at 7, every single day. Because I know it is safe. I can shop wherever I want in town and suddenly realize I have no money with me. No problem…you pay tomorrow…the shopkeepers know you and trust you. I can go at any doctor's home in the middle of the night and guess what…he'll be there to help…I could go on...

Dollyna suggests that this person should visit Positano so that we can demonstrate how 'authentic' it is.
I actually don't think it is worth the effort.


  1. Thanks to you. It's a pleasure to help you stand up for "OUR" Positano.

  2. Wow. I missed this comment. I think it's best if you try not to let anonymous commenters get you too worked up. Maybe he/she should say who they are, why they have this opinion, and open a real discussion. I wonder if he/she has ever been there?

  3. Ben detto Niki e Dollyna !
    Il vero Positano non ha bisogno di gente come 'Anonimo'!

  4. It is just jealousy....just jealousy!

  5. I only have two word for this post: well said, Nicki.

  6. Good job or Buona Jobba!

  7. Niki-I think it's wonderful that you took the time (twice) to set this clueless person straight!

  8. Woohooo I'm so happy that I could read the Italian version and fully understand it!

    Well said, Nicki and Dollyna. But you know, I'm afraid there's nothing you can say to convince these people that you're telling the truth. Who knows, maybe you're filthy rich and also hired by the tourism board to promote the [artificial] la-la-land that is Positano. Clearly Positano was built in the seventies with the sole purpose of pleasing tourists seeking "authentic" luxury and beauty. You, the residents of Positano, are all actors.

  9. Ha ragione te, cara Niky. Il tuo ammiratore anonimo forse non è mai Stato a Positano. O meglio , magari c'è stato il suo corpo, ma la mente e il suo cuore erano altrove.

    Volevo dirti invece che il 9 maggio, si apre la mia mostra fotografica. Spero di vederti e p bere un drink insieme. ciao Mx

    PS ti mando in anonimo questo messaggio perkè altrimenti non ci riesco. bye bye mx

  10. It's easy to point fingers and speculate. Kudos to you for living the life you chose and letting others be apart of it. The ones that don't get it aren't usually worth the time - but cheers anyway to you standing tall.

  11. You're English and you can cook? Are you sure? Che meraviglia!


  12. I would also be getting a bit sick of all the digs at Positano by now if I was you....maybe it's all just down to jealousy!

  13. I live in a beachside community and I feel people feel the same way and ours is nowhere as beautiful! Often I get frustrated at the grocery store when I am doing honest shopping and people are just tooling away in the aisles like this is not a real store!!! Then when I tell anyone I am moving they get all astonished that I would leave where I am, which is silly because people move because of their life not because the ocean is so close!!!

    (sorry I got a little carried away)

  14. Nell said
    those who have dieheria of the mouth and constipation of the brain,should not procreate but they do and until they stop these ridiculous allegations about Positano or any other sun drenched enchanted part of the world will be demeaned into anything other than real.

  15. I read the whole thing in italian and I was just thinking:"wow, I'm gonna put a comment of congratulations for the content and ESPECIALLY for the really good italian", when I read that it was translated by dollyna...

    Niki, what a disappointment!!!

    Oh well, still good content...


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