Tuesday, April 22

Skye ran enthusiastically into her classroom, leaving me clutching her bag. The teacher came in from the next room and scooped her up into a hug.
" Skye! Dove sei stato?" Where have you been?"
"Sono stato...er...chiuso dentro una macchina!" I've been...closed inside a car!
The teacher looked at me in alarm and I hastily explained that we had been in Tuscany for a few days and made the six hour drive back yesterday. I took Skye aside and made her promise to tell anyone else that asked that she had been to Florence, not closed inside a car.

The best parts of our trip:
A fun expat bloggers lunch in Florence organised by Sara, followed by a walk around the city, eating ice cream and window shopping.
Driving through the hills of Chianti, watching the sun turn amber, feeling free with so much space around after the crowds in the city.
Sitting in lush grassy fields, making daisy chains in the sunlight. Inhaling the perfume of fresh cut grass that reminds me of summers in England. Positano has no grass, so it has become so very special for me.
Wandering through medievel Tuscan hill towns that hadn't yet been taken over by tourism. Driving back to Mels house and lighting the fire, then sinking into the sofa with cups of tea. Mmmmm.


  1. How lucky are you! I would have to fly 6 hours to get to Tuscany. Your pictures are beautiful!
    Yes grass, love it but it's making alot of people sneeze!

  2. You are seriously travelling lately. Good for you. I LURV that area.

  3. Oh you went to the GTG! I wish I could have been there too, I had such a great time at the monster GTG I went to two years ago. Sara is great, isn't she!

    That daisy photo is amazing!!!

  4. So pleased you got to the GTG..well pleased but a little envious..Hope you had a great time. You have been travelling so much lately..what an amazing time you have had!!!

  5. So do you prefer the civilised north rather than the backwards south?xx

  6. Nell said,
    It looked like the beginning of a great horror film" Raol and Vito deliver Pizza's by candle light"It was a dark and stormy night Raol and I were out delivering Pizza's for multinational pizza conglomerate when suddenly out of the fog appearers a dark ominous figure!HeeHeeeHe


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