Saturday, April 5

"Mummy? Do you remember what you did say that after the holiday we could have a kitten?"
"Yes, I haven't forgotten, but there's not many kittens around at the moment."
"But we did see cats making baby cats on the road two yesterdays ago!"

So we went out for a walk to see if we coud find any cats with kittens in their tummies. We found two and decided to come back in a couple of weeks and check up on them.

Two weeks later we went back to check.
"Mummy, this one has boobies so the kittens can drink the milk!"
The grey cat had just had kittens, her empty tummy sagged below her, but she had hidden the little ones somewhere and we coudn't find them. The other cat still had a bulging tummy, full of squirming babies. We sat and watched it heaving up and down, gently placing our hands over the bump. Now we just have to pray that the kittens will survive for the next six weeks before we can choose one to come home with us.

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