Friday, April 11

While the lump on Skyes head slowly fades away I have decided to keep her out of school for a while. It is spring and the temperature has risen, I would prefer for her to spend some time out of doors instead of closed inside a stuffy classroom. We read books together (The Rainbow Fairies and My Secret Unicorn), decide what to cook for lunch together and then go out somewhere every afternoon.

We decided to go back to where the pregnant cats were and hunt for kittens. We tiptoed through alleyways and into little gardens and old sheds until finally I heard a tiny snuffling noise coming from an old plastic barrel. I peered inside and found this:

"Look, I think we've found our kittens!" I whispered, pulling her over and lifting her up to see.
"Ooh!," she sighed in delight. We watched in silence for a while as they squirmed and suckled. We counted them, five little kittens, all different. Then simultaneously we declared:
"I want the grey one!" (me)
"I want the peach one!"(her)
I explained that we would have to wait at least another month before the kittens would be big enough to be taken away and we would have to hope that nothing happened to them in the meantime.

One overcast morning we went to the beach and Skye perfected her scooter skills on the new promenade while Carlo made his first canoe trip of the year to the Galli Islands. A bearded old man stood and watched in fascination as Carlo prepared himself and finally got me to push him and the canoe into the sea:

We took a walk along the Punta Campanella, the nearest point of land to Capri. An old pathway, broken and rugged stretches along the coast, through olive groves and wild mountain flowers. It was windy and blustery with a sprinkling of rain and seagulls screamed overhead as we scrambled down the path towards the point, where a tumbledown tower stood, rather disappointingly, looking out towards Capri. The walk back was hard and tiring, it seemed to go on forever, but when we finally reached the car we drove to a gelateria and sat outisde in the cobbled piazza eating tartufo and biscotto icecream as nightime drew in.


  1. You can buy feta cheese now in Positano? wow...globalization

  2. Nell said..
    How great that you and Poppy have such a close relationship.Did Carlo find it cold the ocean going to the Galli Islands, was the wind behind or against him?As far the note thing I'd say you give a note about her injury and I''ll give you one about why she was away. PS. My friend Marion said if you put brown paper and vinegar on the bump it will go down and not bruise as much.

  3. I want the peach one! :)

    Capri is beautiful even from a distance, I'm SO taking a daytrip there a hundred days or so from now (96 days to D-day!). Wanna join us?

  4. Really enjoyed this post. Very well written. Hope you find out what really happened to Poppy...M:)

  5. As an elementary teacher I heartily approve of taking kids out of school for excursions. The best learning occurs OUTSIDE of the classroom!
    note schmote I say.
    Will be headed to Praiano next week how's the weather? Still need a jacket?

  6. Definitely agree wiht's gotta be the peach one!
    I believe I happened to see Carlo canoeing his way back from Li Galli and I thought: summer is here.
    I love love love the walk to Punta Campanella and it's eben AGES since I did it last.
    Good for Poppy on her food cravings.
    About school, this is only the beginning...
    YES we have feta in Positano!!! Since a few years, too. Amazing uh?

  7. I love the mama cat and kittens. They are all so cute! It looks like the mom could use some nourishment. I'm sure you and Poppy are taking her some food, though. Good luck picking a kitten....that would be a tough choice!

  8. Wow, Poppy has sophisticated tastes :) And Tartufo gelato?! Wonder if I can find that in Firenze...

  9. Definitely take the peach one. Orange cats are the best. It's something genetic. They're always outgoing and fearless.
    --William in LA


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