Saturday, May 24

Italian Market in the UK

Dad thought I might be missing Italy (after 2 days out of 6 to be spent in the UK this summer) so he kindly took me down to the local high street where there was an Italian Market!The ciabatta looked authentic enough:
But then I came across something that seemed more American than Italian (apart from the Signorina in the black skirt). Waffles with whipped cream anyone?
Ah, thats better! Peperoncini, aglio and asparagi is exactly what you'd expect to find in an Italian market.
But, what this? Olive Positano with chillie and lime? Interesting, I've never seen that in Positano before, and don't often find limes there.


  1. I am amazed by the sheer amount of cakes in your posts. Yum! I want your diet!

  2. How sweet of you Dad..Did it make you home sick for Positano....Very interesting market, we have had a French Market but not Italian...

    Yes not sure about the Waffles and whipped cream...not my taste, I am sure your right, more American than Italian.!!!

  3. But those olives SOUND very yummy.
    Must try...
    I would be all over ethnic food shopping, though...

  4. absolutely gorgeous! i miss the food in italy... in fact even though i'm in the netherlands now, i find myself even further away from italian food compared with all the italian delicatessens of new york.. oh well, at least its closer to fly in!!!

  5. Hello Nikinpos,
    I come by way of Anne in Oxfordshire. She says you and your partner dance as you clean! Well, it got me here and I like your blog and your spirit.

  6. nell said.... I think something or some thing is trying to pull one over on the British locals.The bread looked fab. to me....
    How fantastic to step on to the same area Henry the eighth,history right under your feet.

  7. Fantastic! But surely waffles are Belgian and not American?

  8. Yeah, I always thought those kinds of waffles with whipped cream were Belgian. They have them in Holland too. But they're pretty common in the US I guess since there were Belgian immigrants there (and just about every other kind of immigrant!) Yum! I miss Sunday brunch - they don't seem to have that long drawn out breakfast concept here in Italy.


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