Monday, May 5

May Day Weekend in Pos:While the beach got crowded..

We sat it out in a leafy garden:Fortifying ourselves with cake and champagne for the unavoidable re-entrance into daytripper bedlam. (Please excuse the price tag on the bottle!)
We admired the flowers:

As the sun set over the mountain a mass exodus began. The beach breathed a sigh of relief and the hundreds of sweaty bodies got up and shook the sand off themselves.
The pier groaned and strained as it off-loaded people onto ferries as quickly as possible.
The pedestrian path up to the main road became choked and crammed with daytrippers, all trying to get somewhere, but a bottleneck formed.

We battled our way through the masses, slinking, pushing, avoiding, squeezing. Afterwards home felt like a small peaceful oasis of calm.


  1. Rosa (something)May 5, 2008 at 5:01 PM

    It really does feel like a peaceful haven to escape the crowds in Positano
    I made the exact same spongecake with strawberries for my daughter's birthday on the same day.

  2. Wonderful looking sponge cake, I bet you can't wait for the off!

  3. I know where I would rather be!!! Sitting in the leafy garden with champagne and cake...shame you had to battle to get home!!!

  4. Nell said
    Uno giardino di fiore di belle colore
    e odore da transpotare e altro mondo!
    Too bad the tourist clog the walk way home but at lest you can retreat to your little piece of paradise.

  5. Love Positano and the Amalfi Coast. I was there last summer for a 20th anniversary trip. Sooo beautiful, want to return, enjoy your blog immensely. Glad you follow your dreams. Come visit me sometime.

  6. Is this the start of the busy season or just an isolated holiday? Everything looks so clean and beautiful.

  7. Love your blog. Been reading for a while and posted a comment only once or twice.

    It's very interesting to see how you've adapted to Positanese culture, trials and tribulations with the utmost ease yet retain the view from the "other side," that side being of a foreigner or an assimilated Positanese for wont of a better word.

    I would have acted just like you on that hot weekend. You enjoyed the day and also had the luxury of not getting stuck in that bottleneck, hey?

    A dopo

  8. Beautiful pics, Niki! Isn't the weather getting amazing down here in the south?

  9. we were in Positano from April 26th 'til May 2nd. You live in a lovely city and it was definitely one of our favorite stops of the trip!

    And yes May Day was crazy, we took a day trip to Sorrento that day but were amazed with how many people choked up the narrow streets of Positano once we got back!

    The strawberry cake looked incredible!

  10. What sort of tree is that with the funny red "flower"? We have them here in Buenos Aires all over the place.


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