Wednesday, May 28

Nanook the Puppy
"But Mummy, I don't want to go back to Positano! I want to stay here at Grandads because I did do lots of things here like go to the park and play on Claires trampoline and ride my bicycle and play with Miles's puppy. I don't want to go..."

"Oh, OK, well you can stay here with Grandad then if you like. Grandad would like that and I'll go and keep Daddy company in Italy" Excellent idea, I thought to myself, imagine all the free time I would have.

"Umm," she said quietly, laying her head on my arm, "but I might miss you."
"Well, I could phone you every day, and I could send you a photo of the new kitten that I'm going to get..."

She squeaked and sat bolt upright, eyes lit up and shining suddenly. "Oh, but I forgot about the new kitten! I'll have to come with you because I just can't wait for the new kitten to come home!"

"So you don't want to stay here with me then?" asked Grandad with a twinkle in his eye.
"No", she said flatly. She turned to me, "Mummy when are we going to get the new kitten because really, I cannot wait any longer for it?"
"Charming," muttered Grandad.
"Soon Skye, soon," I said.
"Yippee!" she whooped, now happy to be going back to Italy.


  1. Poor Grandpa...children can be so blunt at times.
    I'm sure you know already but just in case...we're MELTING here...33°C and burning hot sun on the skin.

  2. I admire the great tactics you used with Poppy, but when she is old enough she will realise that Italy is the place to be.


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