Saturday, May 24

To escape the onslaught of cakes we've taken a quick trip to England. Skye loves running around the garden, barefoot in her pyjamas:
But look what the neighbours brought around! There truly is no escape:
You'd think all these cakes would cause my stomach to swell, but no, the stomach expanding prize has been given to Michelle, whos baby is due tomorrow:


  1. THAT is one tiny belly for someone due tomorrow!
    In boCca al lupo!!!
    PS That cake looks devilishly inviting...chocolate on top of chocolate...yum

  2. Rosa (something)May 24, 2008 at 3:03 PM

    For a moment I thought that was YOU !!!
    Good luck to Michelle !

  3. Nell said... all the best to your friends safe arrival of her baby and many blessings on them as well., Good grief I believe there is a cake conspiracies, quick call Mulder and Sculley!

  4. Have fun in the UK..hope the rain stays away..:-)

  5. I thought that was you too, at first.

  6. OMG that cake looks amazing, have a fun trip


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