Sunday, June 22

Inspired by Scintillas recent post:

You know you’re in Positano and its summer when:

You often get woken up in the morning by a helicopter hovering above your house delivering rolls of heavy duty chicken wire to cover the mountainside.

You often get woken up in the morning by a marching band parading throught the streets.

You often get woken up at midnight by noisy firework displays from various saints days, weddings and parties.

Neighbours often bring you bags of home grown fruit, vegetables, eggs and occasionally freshly killed chickens because they have so much they don’t know what to do with it.

The electricity suddenly goes off for no reason whatsoever at any time of the day or night.

You can hear the neighbours calling each other to see if everyones electricity has gone off and casually call out, “me too!”, then five minutes later yell out, “its back now!” without getting up from your seat.

Every time you leave the house somebody asks you if you’re going to the beach.

Wherever you go in town you have to dodge and duck for tourists taking photos.

You can get away with doing the weekly shopping barefoot, dressed in wet swimwear and a kaftan and wet hair and nobody bats an eyelid.

Everybody you meet has kittens to give away or knows someone who does.

You really want to go out on Saturday night but have been out so many times already in the last week that you fall asleep on the sofa at 9pm.

You seem to eat various types of tomatoes with every meal.

When Italy are playing football you can hear roars of delight and groans of dismay richocheting around town, from above you, below you and to the side of you.

You suddenly have nothing decent to wear and every evening you end up trying all of your clothes on, dumping piles of them on the bed, then settling for the first thing you tried on, ending up half an hour late for dinner only to find that you are the first to arrive because all your friends had exactly the same problem.


  1. You realize that all this sounds heavenly, don't you!

  2. Sounds like the perfect life too me!

  3. Thanks for describing Positano life...I feel as if I'm there! Great post! :)

  4. Ciao bella, luckely summer has arrived in Switzerland too. Only its so hot that u can not move and i truely miss the sea although i have heard its not very clean at the moment and there has been some strange and sad episodes of poor dolphins and turtles floating without sign of life near the shores!!!!!!! What is happening??????? I hope people start to realise that the sea is in real need of protection and all the living creatures whos home is the sea have their importance and place and right to live and exisist in peace.
    un bacione ure friend Deb

  5. I absolutely love your blog. I have many fond memories of my trip to Positano in 2001. Each year I say I'm going to return...hopefully it will be next year.

  6. Love your post. Only a few honking horns after Spains win yesterday. I'm sure if it was Italy we would have heard the horns til midnight!

  7. Nell said
    che bella vita, and do the church bells ring each morning or on the hour? Can you you hear the rooster crow some where in the distance, and children are called in to managie at exactly 1pm in the afternoon with names like Luca, Peppe, Oscar. I miss those mornings and afternoons and evenings in Italy you knew something was always going on.You are a lucky woman.

  8. What is the chicken wire for??

  9. They cover the mountains with heavy duty chicken wire to stop loose rocks or small landslides falling down and injuring people.

  10. What a lovely blog you have. I am quite intrigued. I shall keep reading. Hope things get increasingly better for you there. I am rooting for you because I believe giant leaps of faith and courage should be rewarded!

  11. Is that La Grotta dei Ficchi?
    The power does seem to be going out a lot lately!


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