Monday, June 30

Late every evening Salvatore the fisherman pulls up at the pier with his evening catch. Last night we went along to see what he was doing:
Along with the octopus, squid and shellfish he sometimes finds sea snakes or eels in the pots. Here he is wrestling with one:
And here is the eel wriggling around before we threw it back in the sea (It sort of puts me off swimming in the sea, seeing these creatures.):
Catch of the day:
And one of Positano's many firework displays at midnight. This one was to celebrate Saint Peter and Paul:


  1. I was sick as a dog last night and that "murena" is U.G.L.Y.
    thanks for the firework shot, they must've been wonderful

  2. I wouldn't be able to hold that catch of the day!

  3. Wow that fisherman has quite a tan!

    Maybe eel is more of a Northern European thing? My husband's dad in Holland makes his own eel nets and goes fishing for them in the canal.

  4. i'm with kataroma in that Salvatore is possibly the tannest Italian I've ever seen!!!

  5. Murena fritta is delicious.
    And eels, just like any other animals, are wonderful creatures that don't harm other animals for reasons different than survival.
    That unfortunately, is a peculiarity of the human species...


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