Friday, June 6

Skye has decided what to call the kittens. We read through the list of names and she picked out the ones she liked. Strangely enough at the beginning she liked the names Riley and Dakota, suggested by Annette in California, but every time she wanted to call them she had to ask," Mummy, what were their names again?"

So we decided to go for something more simple. Carlo was very impressed with Sharon in Maui's offer of Schema and Cretina (stupid and cretin) and said that us girls can call the kittens whatever we want to and he will call them Schema and Cretina. So a couple of nights ago we read through the (very long) list again and toyed with the idea of Turtle and Dove, Crunchie and Flake, Tea and Crumpet and Kitsou and Layla.
But which was which?

The grey kitten is a little ruffian who prefers the floor to the litter tray, purrs when roughed up and always wants to wrestle with her sister.
The white kitten is a little sweetheart, likes being carried around, always uses the litter tray and purrs when stroked very lightly.
So we settled on a pair of names offered by Caitie that seem to describe their characters perfectly:

Introducing Tiger and Lily!

So a huge thank you to everyone who suggested all the wonderful names and Caitie, if you want to email me your address I'll send you a Positano goody-bag. Sharon, you too, seeing as Carlo will be using your names. And Annette in California you too, send me your address for a runner up prize!


  1. Congratulations to winner(s).
    And we know that the porr things will end up being called Scema e Cretina right Carlo! But I want to see him in the middle of the street going: "pss psss scema...pss pss cretina..." just as as couple of girls walk by. HE!

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  3. those names are adorable! As is that photo...

  4. They're so adorable.

  5. HAHHHAHAh Scema and Cretina. I am totally calling my next kitties Scema and Cretina. LOVE IT!

  6. Congratulations, winners! The choice of names seems perfect...and those are the cutest kittens I've seen in a long time.

  7. I'll take a cut of Sharon's bag of goodies, since scema e cretina were names taken from a list that I prepared for a couple of female friends of her about to go in Italy (first time outside of the States for both, no knowledge whatsoever of any another language), who were looking for local names to adopt for themselves while travelling...

    Scema e cretina were the winners (they didn't like Assunta e Concetta) and right now they must be wondering around in Rome calling themselves like that...

    Here they are, by the way.

    A bottle of Falanghina would be nice, thanks. ;-)

    PS. Sharon, what's up with the train? I thought you digged planes!

  8. Nell said....
    Perfect names and and second place names for Carlos most excellent as well and also 3rd. choice.
    Tiger lily is from Flower Drum Song I think it was a 50's musical with all oriental actors in America.

  9. It's true, Cammar wanted to give my business partner & her poor naive pal those cheeky names. Steady on there my little Falanghina drinking pal, I don't see your name in lights at the co-winners podium!

    Cheers Carlo!

  10. They are perfect names!! Enjoy the fun!

  11. Oh I think those are purrfect names ;-)


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