Tuesday, June 17

This is how my post arrived.
Opened and empty.
I am very very angry and fed up with the PosteItalian.
And no, it does not make things better that I live in a beautiful place.
My post is for me to open, nobody else.
Why bother delivering the empty envelope?
The manager of the post office said, "fill out a claim form."
The back of the claim form says, ' claims not valid for international deliveries."

As if that wasn't enough I have also been sent something by courier, which , of course hasn't arrived yet either. I tracked it just now this is what I found:
16 June 1309: depart from Salerno Depot
16 June 1314: missing, wrong docs

Phoning is proving impossible and the local courier office have advised me to 'wait on the side of the road for the courier truck to pass by.'
The courier in question passes through town once, maybe twice a week. And it is raining. I really don't feel like setting up camp on the side of the road.



  1. How very very annoying, l can see why you would be so upset about this. And, yes there is no justifying it.

  2. Maria from PhillyJune 17, 2008 at 2:20 PM

    That is horrible! What would possess someone to steal someone else's mail, that's a sin. I worry about that happening when I send my Nonna stuff in Calabria. Do you know what should have been in the box?

  3. augh! POSTAL nightmare. Sorry about all that. I'm sure it must be so frustrating.

  4. Nell from Ajax said,
    The Italian postal service ranks right up there with the ancient system invented by the greeks sometimes the pampas roll got to you or sometimes it was intercepted by your enemies and other times the courier just dropped dead from exhaustion. In Italy of course he just stopped off at a coffee bar for a smoke and a coffee, handing the parcel to who ever paid for his espresso.

  5. That sucks Niki! I can't believe that the Italians want to be known for being postal thieves (well some of them). At least the cat ears and tail I sent Poppy arrived safely...I guess no one felt like dressing up...or stealing from a child!

  6. My post just never arrives. I think I'd find it arriving empty more frustrating. Feeling and sharing your anger my dear.

  7. niki you're supposed to transfer packages through PEOPLE! like if your neighbor goes to visit the UK then and only then can you ask that person to take a package for you. duh! postoffice is just a place for people to have cushy government jobs not to work.

  8. Che stronzi. That's all I can say right now and more times than not I find myself saying that I would leave even WITHOUT packing, that's how much I HATE living here (at times)
    Sorry dear. I am just sorry.

  9. Ours just doesn't arrive at all. Positano can be maddening !
    A courier truck doesn't necessarily look like one - my missing suitcase arrived by Courier in a van that delivers groceries!

  10. Yeah, why bother delivering the empty package?! Is it to really rub it in, "haha, we took your stuff!"?
    I'm so sorry Nicki!

  11. That is totally disgusting!!! No wonder you are angry, I would be. So frustrating when you can;t get any help from the manager.

  12. How terrible, your frustration is understandable.

    What's amazing is that the people in Italy put up with this. Isn't there power in numbers?

    Are items shipped via UPS, FedEx, DHL reliable? I'm sure they're more costly but if the package got to you that would be worth it.

  13. Oh that would drive me nuts! I know Italy has a bit of a reputation for this kind if thing, but I had no idea it was so bad!

  14. that happened to me to when i was living in milan.. such an invasion of privacy!

    i don't know how they get away with it ==


  15. Just think 'karma'. What goes around come around. I understand the feeling as I too have been the receiver of a dreaded empty package. Someone sho invent a device that stains the offender's fingers permanently with a foul smelling substance. I know it sounds harsh but that'll teach em!

  16. My sympathies. I've received several empty packages and also had several more just not turn up. I feel so bad telling my friends who want to send me baby gifts to send them to my husband's relatives in Holland instead. It's impossible for non-Italians to understand just how bad the postal system is here. :(

    iced tea for me - apart from being ultra expensive DHL and Fedex are just as bad as they hand the packages over to a local courier service once they enter Italy. See Nicki's post on what happens with courier service deliveries.

  17. Niki,why don't you use fedex or dhl? costs more but works. I use this for delivery to my remote village in northern italy.
    Using poste italian EVERYTHING that mum send me form the Uk gets stolen!
    Theiving bastardos..

  18. Ma che S....zi ! ! !Non ho parole.

    Guarda che anche i corrieri espresso combinano casini. L'altra settimana dovevo vendere una foto,e mi è arrivata ccon il Corriere, , B........ quello tanto noto da queste parti. Beh mi è arrivata in due giorni ma la foto era inutilizzabile. Piegata in più parti. Comunque hanno ripagato il danno materiale. Ma fa foto non l'ho potuta vendere. il cliente Americano è partito...e tanti saluti.

    A presto, magari combiniamo per una cena da noi, che ne dici ?
    auguri mx, rispondi sul mio blog...

  19. hey girly, i feel your pain. my favorite new pair of oh-so-lightweight crop pants that i paid fifty bucks for in the states never arrived last summer. still hurts.

    by the way, how are you?!! missin the south right about now, while my south is bakin' effin' hot and no beach to be seen.


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