Monday, June 2

Wow, what a selection of name! Well we've got some definate 'no-no's' there. Here's the ones we wont be using (no offense of course to the people who suggested them).

Scirocco- nice idea, but thats what the local butcher is called and somehow it doesn't seem appropriate to name a kitten after a butcher.
Sephora and Clinique- I just can't see myself calling that outside the front door without cringing.
Izzy and Bella- Already taken. Our two favourite dogs in town are called Easy and Bella.
Posie and Tano- Sorry, I just couldn't. It would make me look I couldn't get enough of the place.
Whiskey and Soda- One of my brothers did that already, it'd be copying.
Pea and Pod- Nice, but again, try calling it out the front door without feeling like a loony.
Knick and Knack- Again, call it out the door and see if you feel stupid.
Melanie- Naming a kitten after one of your best friends would probably scare your friend. A lot.

So we'll leave the competition open a bit longer before choosing the winner, although we already have a few favourites....the problem is narrowing it down to just two names, because I really can't get another 4 kittens!


  1. I am impressed the Cammar made the YAY list! Those names are indeed "different" to put it nicely.
    I'm eager to hear you:
    ...and the winner is...

  2. They both have blue eyes !

    That's what I thought! Yelling some of those names outdoors at Positano. You know how voices carry there... You don't want Scemo and Cretino reverberating around the mountain : )

  3. In honor of the fine feline Boomerang, a patient, loyal, and talented cat who once modelled Poppy's bib for us, why not "Frisbee" and "Palla" or "Pallina"?

  4. yay! keep the photos coming...they're so adorable :)

  5. The kittens are so cute!
    How about Cracker and Jack?
    I still like Charlie.
    Alfonso or Alfie or Macchiato for the orangey one or Macky for short.
    Good luck...I'd be changing their names everyother day! :)

  6. I'm really bad at naming *things* - heck, I even had trouble naming my own child! - so I'm leaving the name suggesting to those who are better at it! However, I just have to say this: AAAAWWWWW!!! How cute are they!!! Poppy must be ecstatic!

    Alexander wants us to go to Positano every day now so he can play with the kittens :)

  7. No, I can't stay out of it. I tried. But I did warn you that I'm bad at this!

    Anyway, I once had a gorgeous black cat that I named Midas after the Greek god, so why not make your kitties Roman goddesses?

    If one turns out being a hunter, call her Diana.
    If the other is more homebound, she can be Vesta. Or, if she likes flowers (?!) Flora is nice too.

    Although I have to say that I like Frisbee and Pallina. Brava, girl in giro!

  8. That's funny about the Greek Gods-- My cat's name is Daphne, who was a Greek nymph. We must have similar taste!

  9. They are very cute.
    I suggested Cappucino and Expresso (among other names), but they don't look dark enough. Today, I suggest:
    Caramella & Cioccolato

  10. How about Kibbles & Bits ?

    My fav. names for a pair of kittens were Geoff (male) and Em (female)

    Their names stood for G.F. and M... ie: "Go Forth and Multiply"

    so appropriate for cats!

  11. What cute kittens! How about Peaches and Bon Bon


  12. How about Sofia and Tasha?

  13. Okay, one of the names I gave you is already taken by your butcher. (who knew!)

    I still think Kitsou is purrfect (sorry I had too!) for that multi-coloured kitty)

    I'm thinking Violet or Sienna for the other cutie.

    Sierra (or you could use my name for your kitten..hahaha)

  14. Hmmm, since two of my suggestions got are a couple of more...

    Kit and Kat...Kit-Kat candy bar, of course)

    Thelma and Louise...they look like they'll cause lots of trouble

    Rocky and what if those names originally belonged to a squirrel and moose?! :)

    Babbit and Catstello...reference to Looney Tunes and comedians Abbot and Costello

    possible more later....

  15. LOL looks like you and I have spent the weekend doing the same thing! We got a kitten yesterday, also gray/white and we have called her Bonnie Blue :-)

    How about Kit and Caboodle?!

    I'm already seriously attached, aren't you?

    Btw - I read yesterday that Positano is being 'blessed' with the wedding of Wayne Rooney and Coleen. Unless you're the planner in which case WTG, not sure it'll be much fun if you live there!

  16. Voglio partecipare anch'io.


    Alpha e Omega
    Aurora e Luna
    Rubina e Perla (non pirla eh eh)

    I think they are great names:)

    What's the prize of this contest???

  17. What about Siena for one...

    and Marleigh for the other.

    sound like a deal?

  18. Just make them two italian female names normally used for humans.

    I adopted a cat for a while and called him Gennaro and it was pretty funny every time I talked to him... plus, for some weird reasons, even though he grew up in Maui he only understood napolitan dialect...
    "Ue' Genna', iesc' a sott' 'o liett!"

  19. Here's my try, for the English side, how about Bubble and Squeak?

    Or, for the Italian side, Calpurnia and Messalina?

    They're very cute!

  20. The more I see these kitties the more I like my orginial idea..Thelma and Louise.

  21. Ohhh...They are so gorgeous! How about Jadore and Chloe.. Mix it up a little two italian cats with french names :)

  22. Ambra e Perla (o Ambra e Luna), Neroli e Caprice
    Peaces and Caramel, Dawn and Dusk, Ginger and Misty...
    Since the game is still on ;)


  23. It should of course be Peaches, not Peaces...


  24. Jason and Melissa! I suggested Kit/Kat yesterday!

  25. Sugar and honey
    rat and mouse
    lemon and lime
    plink and plonk
    salmon and trout
    sausage and mash
    turtle and dove

  26. magda and ellie.

    keep it simple. i like old fashioned "human" names for pets.

  27. Lulu and Bella

    Rowena and Tansy

    Bedda and carina

    okay time for me to get a cat!

  28. Ha ! Lulu and Bella -for 'me' its funny !
    What about Poppy and Peggy, or
    Peggy and Sue (like the song)?

  29. They're adorable! How about:
    -Sonny and Cher
    -Piccolino/a (Picco) e Minisculo/a (Mini)

  30. I like this poem by T.S.Elliot "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats", "The naming of cats". And the names there...
    "...The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter..."

  31. Sorry, forgot the link:

  32. Sorry why don't try with a Napoletan name? After all they are from Positano no? Gennarino, Gigione, Gigio, Peppiniello, Toto'.... sure you know some :)

  33. How about Olive and Nutella? LOL. You can tell that I love food!

    Those kittens are so adorable. Congratulations. :)

  34. Slip and Slide! No matter what they're called, they're adorable.

  35. some more...

    Out and About...since I'm sure they'll be roaming all around Posi.

    PB and Jelly...who doesn't love peanut butter and jelly?

    Blush and Mascara...again, just for you

    Rose and Daisy...beautiful flowers and of course classic Southern names

    Pesce and Pollo...just to make people you've lost it a little

    Dutchess and them immediate prestige in town :)

    oh of course, you can always steal some names from Disney princesses...


  36. how about sophie and sadie?

    they are really cute!

  37. Tosi & Pano

    or Butter or Butterscotch and Pepper

    Whatcha think?

  38. They are sooooo adorable - maybe you should just call them Fluffy and Cutie.. Maybe you should just go back and get all the kitties :)

  39. I have another entry. How about Lulu and Mimi?


  40. how about dodger as in artful. anvil or max and scampi. u didn't mention if they were male or female

  41. thelma & louise were my original suggestions but since they are taken , here are some more:

    Luna & Sole
    Stella & Celleste
    Mare & Spiaggia


  42. From their colouring, how about Copper and Steel?


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