Tuesday, August 26

A while ago Skye went to stay the night at a friends house, so that Mummy and Daddy could go out for the evening and stay out late. She was very excited about sleeping at somebody elses house, and was not at all worried that we wouldn't be there for her if she woke up in the night (which rarely happens anyway).

Her friend and the mother were waiting outside when we arrived and Skye squealed with delight and skipped off with her friend, forgetting to even say goodbye to me. As I walked home alone I felt a bit strange, as if I had lost something or left something behind, it felt odd walking through town without a child hanging off my arm.

The evening was a success for all involved. The mother kept me updated with text messages with photos attached, showing me the two little girls sleeping peacefully in bed together, and the next morning standing together dressed in identical clothes. Skye cried when I came to pick her up, saying that she had wanted to stay for ten nights, not just one.

Then a few days later I took her out in the canoe and as we were bobbing around in the bay she sat up straight and suddenly announced:

"Mummy!I know what to do! When we go home you go and get your big suitcase and then I will put all of my pyjamas and toys and clothes in it...and my toothbrush...and then you can take me to my friends house an I can live with her forever!"

"Forever?" I said doubtfully, "but wont you miss Mummy and Daddy?"
"Nah, I'll be OK!" she replied happily.
Feeling a little put out I continued. " But if you lived with them then you wouldn't see Mummy or Daddy at all. Maybe never again! And what about the kittens? You wouldn't see them either."
"Oh, well, maybe I could take the kittens too. Can we do it when we go home? Tonight?"

"So you would be happy to never see me again?" I asked incredulously.
"Yes!" she insisted. She stopped and thought for a few seconds and then quite happily explained why.
" Mummy, you see, one day you will die and go up into the sky, and one day I will die and go up into the sky, so that's OK because it means we can see each other when we're in the sky. OK?"


  1. Oh from the mouth of babes. She'd be crying her eyes out after the 2nd night away from you.

    How nice that she will go and stay at someone else's house. You've raised a confident little girl who knows she's loved.

  2. She's all grown up already.... didn't that happen fast.... xx

  3. I remember when my mom asked me whether I liked her or the neighbor lady best and I said, "I like you both equally!" Hahaha
    So, Niki, how come no celeb pictures this summer? I keep reading that the waters around Positano and even the town proper hosted some of the most famous people on the planet in the last couple of months! And I thought I was the only celeb who had discovered your little corner of paradise!!!!!

  4. Okay, I'm crying.

  5. yes, well it happens to all of us. My daughter packed her napsack one day to go live with the neighbour...I told her that we couldn't come and visit her because her dad was allergic to dogs (which they had one of) and she decided that wouldn't do and unpacked and just went over to play. So DADDY'S GIRL stayed to live with us!

  6. she is so going to be a CEO of a really large corporation one day! :)

    my 9 year old brother asked me (in FRONT OF MY PARENTS) if he'd be able to come live with me after mom and dad died...

  7. They just grow up too fast! She will soon find out that living with her friend on a permanent basis will not be as much fun as being a guest. Believe me she will miss you before "you meet up in the sky".

  8. So much for religious worries. You've been written off got "later."

  9. Make got into for. Bad keyboard, really bad.hpsu

  10. Nell said.. sometimes the most innocent of comments can cut a mother to the core, I agree with ice tea for me, by the second day it would have been when is mummy coming to get me.Her last comment about meeting again in the sky brought a tear .

  11. I just found your blog today, and that story was adorable. Kids are the best, and yours is precocious!! Hello from another expat in Hungary. Looking forward to reading more =)

  12. That's so funny! Mine are exactly the same and would happily trade us for an ice cream and a new barbi...

    ..and guess what we're all going to live in the sky too, maybe we'll be neighbours.

    Loved the previous post, that really kicked off didn't it?!!

  13. Is it unusual for kids to have sleepovers in Italy? I know of no one in Spain that does it. In the USA my kids would be gone every night if I let them, or other kids would be in my home every night if I let them.....


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