Tuesday, September 30

I made a couple of soaps yesterday, using up the ends of my supplies here. Now I have no more avocado oil, shea butter or cocoa butter. I also finished off the olive oil, but I can get more of that here easily!
Here is what I made:
Scented with almond milk I used a bit of everything in this because I didn't have enough of anything; shea butter, cocoa butter, avocado oil, rice bran oil and more.

and this one which has fresh coffee grains in it and is scented with vanilla cream. The coffee aroma comes through nicely too, and is supposed to be good for getting rid of onion and garlic fingers!

Now we sit back and wait while they cure for a month.


  1. I love your soap with balls ;) Its very effective. Do you make the balls in advance?
    Hope you have fun on your trip home.

  2. so beautiful and creative!

    p.s. i cut five garlic cloves last night and still smell it on my fingers!

  3. They look absolutely beautiful! xx

  4. Your soaps are gorgeous!

  5. They look yummy!!!! Like fudge!

  6. You are one creative woman, they look fabulous now you have to give them some sort of romantic or alluring names.

  7. Ooh the second one looks like hazelnut chocolate.

  8. Wow! Wow! Those look fabulous. I could lean in and take a great bite out of my computer screen!!!

    Hey, do you teach workshops? ;) I'd come to Italy to learn how to make soap like that!!!!


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