Friday, September 26

“I need to talk to you,” Carlo said, walking into the kitcen and closing the door behind him. “Mmm, what’s that? Can I eat it?”
“No!” I cried, whipping the experimental vanilla cream bath melts away from his eager fingers. “What have I done now?” I asked frowning, wondering if he had already noticed the tiny little scratch on the car from my parking effort earlier on.

“I just worry about when you go out in the car,” he said, peering into the fridge. “I’m not saying that you drive badly, you know that, but I just worry, especially when you take Skye with you. What would I do if you had an accident and both died? I’d be completely alone!”
“Wow!” I said, carefully, “so what are you saying exactly?”

“Well, I know I can’t stop you from going out in the car, but maybe it would be better if we all went out together.”
He obviously had not thought this conversation through in the slightest because then he said something really stupid.

“I mean,” he continued, “at least if you went out by yourself when she's at school it wouldn’t be so bad if you died because then I would still have her….Not that I wouldn’t be terribly upset, but, er, you know what I mean?”

I stood there with my mouth slightly open, trying to figure out exactly how offensive he had been, knowing that he didn’t mean it that way but not sure of what his point was.

“Um, you do realise,” I told him slowly, as if I was talking to an imbecile, “that it is perfectly normal and acceptable in most places for a mother to drive in a car with the children strapped into the backseat? In fact, that is how a lot of children actually get to school. Are you asking me not to go out in the car anymore without you?”

“No, of course not, I know I couldn’t do that, it’s just… oh forget it! You’re probably not listening to me anyway!” And he stomped out the kitchen, muttering to himself.


  1. Well, I can sort of understand his reasoning... and if you think about it I'm sure you can too (if you HAD to choose, either lose both of them or just one, which would you choose?) but to say it flat out right that is a bit insensitive, no?

  2. Of course I understand what he meant, but isn't it just something we have to accept? That we all have to take risks like driving/flying in everyday life. I can't spend the rest of my days sitting at home, twiddling my thumbs waiting for him to drive me to the shops!

  3. Nell said.
    what I think he meant is that he would prefer to have both of you alive and well as opposed dead.So just walk to the school and then he will have 2 less people to worry about.He may not say elegantly but the love is there.

  4. Yes, we can't sit at home just so that nothing happens - even home isn't always safe, what with gas explosions and all that. Tell him there's no need to worry, you're a very good and cautious driver!

  5. What brought this on? Was there an accident in your town recently?

    And Annika is right. Many accidents happen in the home.

  6. no, no accident, just caring concern!


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