Tuesday, September 23

bathbombs and humidity

One of the first things that I discovered would not work here is bathbombs. My daughter loves these big fizzy balls that whizz around the tub leaving coloured trails of perfume and sometimes glitter or petals. So I thought that a never-ending supply of them would be a great idea.

The first batch I made came out slightly bubbly on top and were rock hard. I put one aside to see how it lasted throughout the year and we used the others at bathtime. I made more but something wasn’t right. They would look great when I took them out of the mould but over the next few days would crack and crumble away to a mound of powder. After much experimenting with quantities and techniques I realised that my failures were due to the very high humidity here and decided that I would only make them for Skye.

Funnily enough, that first bubbly surfaced bathbomb I made is still rock hard over a year later, but I made the mistake of not keeping notes as I made it, so it remains a mystery as to why it stayed hard. I decided that it was time to make something a bit more difficult.

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