Monday, September 22

One thing is for certain. Skye will not be going to school with this rucksack. 'Sucessful lover' indeed! Who are these people that print phrases like that onto kids clothes and bags?

Out at lunch the other day we watched in amusement as various youngsters walked past with the most inappropriate slogans on their tee-shirts. I had to be physically restrained from getting up and asking one boy whether he understood, or whether his mother knew what was written across his chest. Big red and white letters across a black background proudly declared, 'suck my d*ck' (with the 'i'in place). His girlfriend cuddled up to him as they walked past and we spluttered in disbelief when we saw that the back of her tee-shirt announced 'f*ck the world'.

I still remember a shopping trip to Naples to buy clothes for a 3 year old. One shop had a range of teeshirts for 0-5 year olds with 'sexy' scrawled across the front, embellished with pink glitter and sequins. Lovely.


  1. oh my! I don't understand this either...I really wonder if they know what it says.

  2. Charlie, this phenomenon probably began in the good ol' USA. I have seen it for quite awhile now. It's not quite so prevalent for small children here, but teenagers and college-age young adults can be seen sporting the same kinds of logos. It's distressing, to say the least.

  3. I'm so with you on this one Charlie!

    I can't bear all the 'sexy' glittery logos there seems to be on all the childrens clothes here. I can't understand why either. It's such a shame.

    At least they have to wear the dreaded grembiuli (apron) at school so that I can't see what the other kids are wearing underneath. amanda

  4. I'm not a prude but this is so wrong.

    Back in L.A. a few years ago you saw very young girls wear Juicy Tracksuits with a big JUICY across their butts. Why would parents buy something like that (and they were very expensive) for their kids. Wait, I forgot the mothers had the sweat suits too. How lovely.

  5. I truly haven't seen anything like that here in(TO) on any kids and I take the subway everyday.
    Juicy Couture joggers are very popular here too with the Juicy across the butt and Juicy on the t-shirts but not very many people in my neck of the woods have that kind of money to spend on one pair of track pants or a 65.00 t-shirt. We usually get a dress code letter home on what one can or cannot wear to school. Even in a local high school near to me my friend's son wore a marijuana leaf on his hat and it was confiscated in class and he had to get a note from his mom to get it back and not to wear it to school again or it would be confiscated for good this time. He still wore it to school but took it off before he walked on school premises.

  6. Pretty nasty stuff, but I believe that kids actually do know what they're wearing on their shirts. They've got Britney, Madonna, Paris Hilton and all those other sleazy women as role models. "But m-o-m-m-m! Everybody else is wearing these outfits! You're so old-fashioned!" The disturbing thing is to see how so very *ok* they are with it.

    Thanks for the comment on the owls. Hmmmm..I've seen one or two foxes but don't believe that I've ever heard them. If they are anything like our neighbors' obnoxious dogs then I guess it's no loss (and by that I mean allowing your adult dogs to bark all hours into the night w/o caring if they're disturbing the neighbors is so not right.)

  7. Nell said,
    In most schools in Ontario Canada and especially in the suburbs schools do not allow for soft porn writing or comments on children s clothes. If you shop here for kids t shirts or bags its all Hanna Montana or the Disney high school Musical group.Catholic high schools mandatory uniforms.

  8. No no nooooo!!! That is just so wrong!!!! *looks utterly shocked*


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