Thursday, October 9

supersonic jets

It was just past 7.30 am and Skye and I sat dozily in the kitchen, me sipping hot tea and her crunching dreamily on her cereals. It was light outside but the sun had not yet reached over the mountain to cast its warm rays through the windows. Suddenly, BOOM, a huge bang from somewhere outside, possibly up the mountains. She looked at me in concern, "what was it Mummy?"
"Probably just a firework," I shrugged. Then again, BOOM!
"There you go, I told you it was fireworks." I said, and promptly forgot about it.

It turns out I was wrong. The evening news reported that the two loud bangs had been heard all over the Naples region, sparking widespread panic that Vesuvius was erupting. Switchboards were jammed as people desperately tried to find out what was happening. A bomb at Capri? The volcano? A gas explosion?

What we actually heard was two supersonic jet fighters breaking the sound barrier as they chased an unidentified plane. Of course. Silly me.


  1. Nell said...
    I realize that the saying curiosity killed the cat, but sometimes hon you gotta look out the window the door just to make sure.

  2. Um, I think that in the time it would take me to GET to the door and look out, two jets that have just broken the sound barrier would be long gone!!

  3. Well I'm glad that was all it was. Must of gotten alot of people's blood pumping! I wonder who/what the unidentified plane belonged to?
    Oh Nell, if they break sound barriers, definitely they broke the "i can see u"

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  5. Beautiful photo! We heard some loud faster than the speed of sound noise over here on this side of the peninsula just yesterday... What are those military guys up to anyway?


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