Friday, October 31


"Mum?" (Yes, she's stopped calling me Mummy.) "It is Halloween today isn't it?"
" Yes it is."
"So what?"
"So when are we going to go?"
"Go where?"
"To Halloween of course?" she sighed in exasperation at me.

So I took her trick or treating at the neighbours house. The English don't really bother much with decorating for Halloween, other that a carved pumpkin or two sitting on the doorstep, but luckily for us our neighbours here in England are American.
Meaning: Two expertly carved pumpkins and a glow in the dark gravestone complete with pop-up skeketon outside the driveway.
A large glowing pumpkin face peering out of one window.
Two more carved pumpkins in the porchway and...
Three scary skeletons hanging from dusty beams covered in cobwebs and giant spiders...
AND a spooky smoke machine complete with howling sound effects.

By the time I fought my way through the smoke and cobwebs and found the doorbell Skye was frozen in terror. She stood there shaking in her boots (the cold might have had something to do with it)and bravely fighting back tears. In fact, she was so scared that when a very normal looking young boy opened the door and offered her some candy, she was too scared to take any.

Maybe we'll have better luck on Bonfire Night next week.


  1. When did the English start celebrating Halloween? And PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE don't tell me you celebrate Guy Fawkes Day, the par excellence archetypical undisputed queen of anti Catholic ultra bigoted English holidays...will you dance around burning effigies of His Holiness Pope Paul V? I mean really...

  2. Well she tried...I hope she enjoyed her candy.

  3. Nell said...Pat Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up British Parliament and James the 1st on Nov. 5th 1605
    Remember remember the 5th of November
    Gunpowder, treason and plot
    We see no reason why Gunpowder treason should ever be forgot!
    The R.C's were really ticked off.
    This ends history 101

  4. Pat, I know you dont have kids, but if you did you too would take them to see the big bonfire and fireworks displays, if only to see their little faces light up with glee. It would be really mean not not telling them about Santa.

  5. I miss trick or treating. Not that I am young enough to do it, but I always enjoyed seeing the kids stop by in their costumes for Halloween. Sigh.

    Thanks for the link. Happy to have found you. Seems I have catching up to do....


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