Thursday, October 16

"Yes?" I said, putting down the book that I was glued to and trying to pay attention to her for once.
"Do you think Father Christmas could make me something? Or maybe the elves?"
"Father Christmas? It's only October! Yesterday you swam in the sea and you're already thinking about Christmas?"
"Well, because I know what present I would like, has to be made."
" Go on then, tell me.."

She jumped up off the sofa and excitedly started gesticulating, miming what she had in mind while she spoke.
"It's a horse! About this big," she jumped back onto the sofa and measured out about half of it.

"Made of wood or I don't know what. Not too big, see? We can fit it into the house because it's really quite small! And then, it has to have a button, a green button, here.." she pointed in mid-air, demonstrating the precise point of the button. I imagined that it was on the neck of the horse as she seemed to be straddled over something.

"And then I go on the horse, like this," she did a giddy-up thing and jiggled invisible reins up and down for a bit, "and go over to the door, and open it, and..."
She looked at me to make sure I was still paying attention, "...and then I press the button and the horse turns into a real unicorn and flies out of the door, and we can fly all around the world!!" She galloped out of the door for a few seconds and came rushing back in, eyes wide with excitement.

"Do you think Father Christmas can make me one of those?"


  1. oh dear...

    Until she got to the unicorn part I though you (sorry I meant to say Father Christmas) could buy her a rocking horse.

  2. This could be possible. If you got her a unicorn on a stick! I know it sounds funny but I have one at home.
    I envy you swimming in the sea in October...very nice! It's turned colder here.:(

  3. A unicorn on a stick!! Fantastic - I want one too!
    Bless her lovely imagination, that was a sweet story!

  4. Nell said. Lila's imagination is wonderful and exuberant and the innocence of her request pulls at the heart strings.As Lucia said a great substitute is a Unicorn horse on a stick with reins. You can tell her that unicorns because they are very rare must stay in the land of make believe and fairy tales so that magic and make believe can be shared by all children.

  5. I love Lila. What a beautiful and creative spirit she is!

  6. That was such a funny post and she has such an imagination.

    When I was little, I always wanted a horse.... but not just any horse, a pink one. I was very disappointed to only get a plastic toy one that was purple and pink. Don't know why my parents and relatives didn't understand that I meant a real horse that was pink.


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