Monday, October 6

signs of Autumn

An abundance of vegetables after the dry summer

Pomegranates growing on a tree in the cemetary

Magical end of summer sunsets


  1. I will be right over to pick the Pomegranates and buy some of your wonderful soaps!! :-)

    Pomegrantes have been mine and sons favourites for years.

  2. Nell said... I too adore pomegranates, my grandfathers farm in Sicily has many tree's along with lemons and persimmons.Brought back a wonderful memory..thanks so much. I was thinking about a possible name for your soap company..and as you live by the Mare and its sometimes makes foam when the waves hit the shore....schiuma or schumare.

  3. Lovely photos! Aren't the pomegranates wonderful?

  4. I wish that I had a pomegranate tree here. Your pictures are beautiful.

  5. What great pictures, Charlie. Breathtaking!


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