Saturday, November 29

More rough sea.
The pier gets battered:
Nearly caught by a wave:
From the pathway above the pier:
Seaspray and Skye:
Are the boats pulled up far enough?:


  1. Great shots! So much for the new pier - where did the poles that were there go?
    The mechanical crane must have submarine-like qualities...

  2. Wow! Excellent pics. I got up late today so I didn't catch the roughness of the morning. It seems to have calmed down now.
    Well my day has just begun, time to clean house put up Christmas Decorations and clean house again!

  3. Thanks for posting your great pictures. They are the best that I have seen from this storm so far. I saw a few shots of Naples on L'Ansa but these put them to shame.

  4. Nell said
    I think when the sea is rough and churning it gives an energy to the air around it and all those creatures ie. like us who are made up of mostly water too. The photo's are brilliant Charlie.

  5. Great shots Charlie and what a beautiful place you live in. You must have great calf muscles, sooo steep!

  6. Wow! That's scary!! Those are great pics though


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