Thursday, November 13

new kitten

Settled back into our lives in Italy we awake one morning to rolling thunder and skies dark enough to merit turning all the lights on.
“It will start to pour as soon as its time to walk Skye to school,” I predicted as I searched for the honey to put on her weetabix.
Sure enough, about twenty minutes later the heavens opened with such force that within a few more minutes there was a powerful waterfall cascading down the hillside beside the house.

I rummaged around, digging out the wellie boots and rainjackets, dusty and unused since before the summer. Carlo opened the front door to watch the storm and his face crumpled.
I rushed over to see what he had found. Outside the door was a tiny,red, sopping wet kitten, staring up at us with big blue eyes.
I slipped on my wellies and paddled out to fetch the kitten. It let me wrap it up in a towel and quite happily let me dry it, purring loudly.

“Look at it!” I said, delightedly, “it’s got no stripes! I’ve never seen a red cat that isn’t stripey before, it looks like a fawn”
“We can’t keep it, we’ve got two already.” Carlo looked at me warily, expecting me to argue with him.
“Well, we can’t just leave it out in a thunderstorm, that’s mean,” I replied. I took it into the kitchen and gave it some catfood, which it gulped down hungrily, while one of our cats looked on in distain. (The other one having hissed and angrily stalked off as soon as it saw the new arrival.)

What were we going to do with it, I wondered? Kittens were crafty little things and now that I’d fed it it would be coming back for more. I watched as Tiger reached out and batted it on the nose, then laughed as the kitten swiftly retaliated, causing Tiger to jump back in surprise.

I thought about taking it down to the beach and hoping that somebody would adopt it, but the season was over and the beach was almost deserted. Maybe he could take it to work with him? It could be a cemetary cat! I suggested it to him and he agreed that it would be the best thing to do to avoid being a three cat family.

So, today the kitten can stay here, out of the wet rain. But tomorrow morning it will ride on a motorino towards its new home, the cemetary, where Carlo can finally have some company other than the ghosts of the departed.

Which brings me to the question…any idea what to call a red cemetary cat with no stripes? It’s a boy by the way.


  1. I was thinking "Storm" since you found it during a rainstorm.
    Because of his colour Matches sound good.
    What does "MATCHES" translate to in Italian? Or Chimi, sort for Cimetero? I'm not good at naming pets.

  2. Oh, it's cute!! I am bad about naming cats.. how about "Creeper?"

  3. Ooooo another moggie naming game. Love it!

    I have three entries that seem apt. Wellington (for obvious reasons), Phoenix because he’ll rise from the ashes of his bedraggled start to becomes Luca’s right hand, four pawed pal and Morris....because it suits him!

  4. We too 'found' a kitten in distress recently but alas having no convenient cemetary we have become the dreaded 3 cat family! Really it's one too many but ...

    As for names, how about Bones. Well I like it!:)amanda

  5. Nell said
    May I suggest the name Tomba, as he orchestrated his way to your door during a storm and will soon reside were in fact there will be many tombs.

  6. you have to keep that cute little kitty--reminds me of my cat Sunshine....

  7. What a cutie. He looks like a "Marmalade" to me :-)

  8. I know he's an Italian gatto, but how about Colorado, meaning red in Spanish??

  9. I can never refuse a cat that arrives on my doorstep! I've had a few red cats. They were called Christopher Stuart, Paco, Dos and Rudy. How about Il Rosso? Or Carotino?

  10. What about "Pumpkin?"

    Annette (in California)


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